Learning to Forgive and Forget With Your Child


We’re not perfect human beings. Even as the mother of our children, there can be situations where we’ll find it extremely difficult to forgive and forget something our child has done. Whether they spring a surprise life choice on you or neglect their studies to pursue a career in something you don’t believe in, you need to learn how you can drop grudges and forgive your children. Of course, there are also times when learning to forgive can be difficult. Perhaps they’ve done something absolutely insulting to you, or maybe they too have a grudge against you for something you’ve done in the past. Whatever the situation, here are a couple of tips to help you learn to forgive and forget.



Put yourself in your child’s shoes


There are times when our children will do something that we can’t agree with or wouldn’t personally do ourselves. Whether it’s a sign that they are taking drugs or hurting another child out of spite, you need to understand the situation from your child’s point of view. For example, taking drugs or smoking could be the result of bad influences in the family or at school. Your child could have hurt someone else because they were the ones that started an argument or a fight, and your child was just defending themselves. There’s always an action and a reaction, and your child could be innocent and misunderstood in these situations. In short, put yourself in their shoes and try to think through their mind.


Deal with the situation efficiently


Sometimes all it takes to fix a situation is to apologise. Other times, you may need to visit a counsellor or even a personal injury attorney. Imagine if your child went out with their friends shortly after earning their driving license and decided to do something stupid like driving without their seatbelt to appear “cool” to their friends, or driving too fast and colliding into another vehicle. It’s dangerous and foolish, but just be glad that your child is alright and will live to see another day. It’s difficult to forgive them in this situation or ever trust them in the future with a car again, but you need to move on and let them learn from their mistakes. You can assist them by dealing with the situation efficiently and hiring the right help and services to help your child recover.


Allow things to go back to normal


Giving your child the cold shoulder, going out more often to avoid talking to them or even refusing to take them to school can be damaging in the long term. You need to swallow your pride and be able to return things to how they used to be. Don’t let it affect your daily routine so much. Continue making lunch for them, continue cooking dinner as a family, and don’t lock them out and hurt your relationship. Always communicate with your child and don’t neglect the importance of keeping the family bond strong by getting things back to normal.

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