Give the Outside of Your Home a Facelift in 2 Simple Steps

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Keeping the outside of our homes, looking as good as the inside of our homes, tends to slip down our list of priorities. Taking care of the front of our houses can seem like such an overwhelming job that it is no wonder we tend to put it off. However in order for our homes to look their best it is essential that we are looking after certain outside areas just as much as the inside, so follow our simple tips on how to give the outside of your home a facelift in just four simple steps.


Cleaning the House


Whilst we clean the inside of our homes on a daily basis, this is not something that we tend to do to the outside of our homes and actually this is one of the most important jobs that we can be doing to make sure our homes look their best. As the external areas of our homes are so exposed to all types of harsh weather it is no surprise that the outside of our homes can look a little tired over time and become in need of our attention.


It doesn’t have to be a mammoth job however. Pressure washers make the job of cleaning the front of your house really easy and really quick. You do need to be careful however when using pressure washers however, as they have different levels of power depending on the nozzle you use. Therefore you will need to be really careful about choosing the nozzle that is just right for the task of cleaning a house and not one that is too powerful and will cause damage.


A DIY pressure washer job is actually pretty straight forward and once you have chosen the correct nozzle, you are good to go. You should start from the top of your home and work your way down to the bottom working the hose across in a side to side movement. Take extra care around your gutters and drains as the water pressure can knock these out of place and cause damage. When it comes to spraying windows you will need to spray around them and take great care not to spray the water on to them directly as this can crack and shatter the glass in your windows.


Cleaning Your Guttering

The second most important job when it comes to keeping your house looking its best, other than gardening, is to keep your gutters clean and clear. Outdoor guttering and drains can create many physical problems for our homes, not to mention making our homes look tatty, if we don’t look after them on a regular basis. They accumulate a lot of natural build up over time, which obviously looks unpleasant but can also create a lot of practical problems for your home so it is crucial to keep on top of the maintenance of your rain gutters and outdoor pipes.


As you are going to create a lot of dirt and rubbish, doing this job, before you start you should make sure that you have organised for a dirt cheap rubbish removal company to come and take away all your debris. You will be surprised how much dirt and buildup you will remove from your gutters so you are definitely going to want to get rid of the waste as soon as possible.


You are going to need to wear thick rubber gloves to protect your hands. Using a really sturdy ladder you can then set about getting your guttering cleared up and clear. You will also want to use a plastic scoop to remove all the debris and use a plastic tarp to dispose of it all in one neat pile.

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