Backyard Looking Tired? Create An Outdoor Haven For Your Family


Your outside space can sometimes be last on the list when it comes to renovation and change. However, as soon as the sunny summer months hit you; all your kids and the rest of the family want to do is hang out outside, enjoy a BBQ or two, and appreciate the warm weather. Therefore, you might want to consider giving your garden a little love and attention, so that the next time you have visitors over; you can proudly serve lemonade in your outside space. The following are some tips and ideas for those who feel like giving their backyard a boost this summer so that it will never disappoint you again.


Surround The Environment In Style And Safety

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You want your kids and pets to be able to enjoy the garden in safety, and you don’t want to be worrying about anyone running off in the wrong directions. Therefore, you might need to check that your fences, walls, and barriers can do their job properly, and wood rot hasn’t got the better of them. Not only do broken fences and gaps provide the perfect escape route for the family’s pets; they also present a dangerous hazard and can cause cuts, grazes, and splinters to small arms and legs. It’s worth going around the edge of your backyard and checking that all holes are sealed up, and wonky fence posts are secured and put back in place.


If your fence is beyond repair, it might be time to invest in a new one, which will liven up a tired yard immediately. Consider the material of the fence and try to ensure that it complements your garden and looks great against a natural setting. A classic wooden fence is a great option for a family backyard; check out some inspirational and affordable ideas here: before you start planning your investment.


Remember, as long as a fence or wall isn’t broken; you can bring it back to life with a coat of wood stain or a lick of paint. Perhaps you think about adding a pop of green, blue, or another lively color to the barrier so that your garden is full of fun and personality (it’s where you want to hang out after all). Trellis is the perfect way to divide the space in your garden, so the kids know where to kick their ball, and you’ll have somewhere to relax. Climbing plants like ivy, clematis, and roses will make a beautiful addition to any trellis or fencing you have in place (and can cover up a multitude of sins) so consider polishing off your green thumb and get planting.


Fencing off pools and other hazardous areas for children should be a priority; however, they can still be a pleasing and decorative feature to your outside space. Keeping fence pole and gates well maintained with a bit of paint and hinge oil will also stop your garden from looking tired and unloved; so take a Saturday afternoon to do the odd jobs outdoors (or bribe a family member to help you out).


Clean And Tidy Up For A Fresher Space

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The quickest way to spruce up your outside space is to give it a thorough clean and tidy. Leaves, branches, and other debris from the colder months, can leave your lawn looking scruffy and unkempt. Therefore, it’s worth spending a day or so outside, with the kids, and picking up mess, raking, and sweeping, so that you have a clear open space to work with. If your lawn is free from untidy twigs and foliage; you’ll be able to mow it neatly, and the kid’s toys won’t look half as bad when they’re scattered around after a busy day of play.


Patio and decking areas are the ideal setting for relaxing and enjoying BBQs with family and friend, so you’ll want to ensure that they look just as good as the inside of your home. Paving slabs and tiles can be given a new lease of life if they’re properly cleaned; so it might be worth checking out the best pressure washers on the market, and investing in one to make the job a lot easier. If floors and walls look fresh; you’ll be able to enjoy your barbecued delights in pleasant surroundings, and your patio area will become your favorite place to hang out this summer.


Create an area outside, in a shed or storage unit, where your family’s outdoor gear can be put away and kept out of sight. Your kids will have somewhere to tidy away their garden toys for the next day before you have guests over for evening drinks and al fresco dining. All that garden equipment you’ve been using will also have a new home and will be kept dry, so investing in a place to store items is a smart (and handy) choice.


Lay Back And Chill Out in An Outdoor Haven

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Now that you’ve organized your outdoor space, and tidied and cleaned each area; it’s time to have some fun with the design and function of your garden. Think about where the sun hits the lawn for most of the day and consider adding seating and sun loungers to that area so that you’ll always be able to make the most of the sunny weather. The same goes for all your outdoor furniture; put your table, chairs, and benches in spots when the sun hits, and think about the surrounding plants and scenery too.


Adding some sweet smelling flowers, and even fruit trees and plants is a great way to enrich your environment. Talk to an expert at your garden center and find out what plants are low maintenance and smell the best during the summer months. Shrubs, herbs, and various potted plants are the perfect way to add greenery and nature to your patio, decking, and lawned areas, without the need to dig up the ground or get down on your knees and muddy.


Investing in pot plants of various sizes will give your garden design an instant facelift, and you can have fun arranging them to see where they look best. Get the kids involved in their upkeep and watering; it’ll be a great lesson in responsibility, and they’re more likely to be careful of where they’re throwing the baseball. Right; now you can sit back and enjoy all your hard work with a glass of something cool and fizzy.


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