Sick of Your Bills Blowing The Budget Each Month?

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Running a home is expensive, and as the person in control of the purse strings you will know how stressful it can be month to month just making ends meet. The trick is, whether you earn a little money or a lot, to make use of what you have and ensuring everything is being spent in the right way. One way you might be overspending without having to is by paying too much on bills. No one likes having to pay the dreaded things every month, but it’s a part of life, so get everything set up to make it quick and easy. There are plenty of ways you can work to get down the amounts that you’re paying too. Here are a few ways to go about it.



Most of us are guilty of overspending when it comes to food and drink. Do you find yourself wandering the aisles of the grocery store with no list, picking things up just because they look good? Chances are you fill a cart, pay an extortionate amount and then get home to realize there are hardly any actual meals there. These stores are designed to get you to part with money. The layout, the way the aisles are arranged, even the deals and offers at the ends of each aisle are perfectly placed knowing that these grab people’s attention. It’s why you can go in for one thing and walk out with many. The way you can get around this is to go in with a list and stick to it. Start by planning your food menu for the week, breakfasts, lunches and the dinners you plan on making. has ideas for healthy and inexpensive meals if you’re stuck for ideas, or your could browse Pinterest. If you have particularly busy days certain times of the week then make sure your meals account for this, you could go for something easy and simple when you don’t have much time. Once you know what you’re going to be eating, build a shopping list based on exactly what you need. By doing this, you’ll find that you will eat healthier and save massively on your bills too.


Another tip for keeping your food menu down is by building up a pantry. Fill it with dried ingredients- pasta, rice, couscous, quinoa and other grains that have a very long shelf life. Tins and jars of vegetables and sauces, and plenty of herbs and spices. That way if you’re not able to make it to the store and are running low on food, you can whip up tasty and healthy meals using this and a few essentials from the freezer. It prevents you feeling the need to resort to expensive fast food, as you always have backup options to eat in the home. Along with your groceries, people can spend way too much money during the week on things like tea and coffee from coffee shops, eating out for lunch at work and fast food. Make a note of exactly how much you’re spending on these things and then work to get the number down. For example, it’s far cheaper to buy yourself a flask and some coffee- shop style sachets and make your own in the morning and won’t even taste too much different. Packing a lunch for work instead of buying will save money and allow you to be healthier too.


Gas and Electric

Are your home fuel bills always a bit of a shocker when they drop through the door? It’s so easy to run up gas and electric bills if you’re not careful. Leaving lights and appliances on, running heating or air conditioning all day and generally not being mindful is bad for your bank balance (as well as the environment). Your first step would be to speak to your gas and electricity company, find out if you’re on the best tariff. Many will give you a reduced rate if you get both from them, and pay for your bill each month by direct debit. If you’re on more of a budget and are worried about running up bills that you can’t pay, a pay and go meter could be the answer. While the rate is a little higher, it could still save you money overall according to as you have to be more careful of what you’re spending.

Invest in some LED energy saving bulbs, these last far longer than regular bulbs and are much cheaper to run. If you’re a homeowner and looking to save money well into the future, you could consider having solar panels installed. When it comes to heating and air conditioning, use these for part of the day rather than having them running constantly. It will make your bills far lower, freeing up money to spend elsewhere.



If you’re looking to cut costs on your bills, canceling your insurances is not the way to go about it. If the worst were to happen, having no cover will leave you much worse off financially. However, you don’t want to be paying over the odds when you can get the same level of cover elsewhere. You need to make sure that the cover you get is right for the type of home you have and what you want to insure, has more information on this. If you use a price comparison site, you can enter the level of cover that you want and will pull up quotes from different companies. That way you can be sure you’re not paying too much.


Tv, Phone, and Internet

Having an internet connection at home is no longer just a luxury. It’s something most of us need in our lives, whether it’s for kids to do homework, for us to work and pay bills or just for general socializing and entertainment purposes. But while it’s an essential bill to pay, you might be paying over the odds. If your tv, internet and phone bill is bundled into one, have a look at it and work out if there’s anything you’re not using. For example, are you being charged extra for caller ID or voicemail on your home phone that you never use? Could you cut down your package to include fewer channels on your tv? Speak to your provider and see what can be done.


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