Trying New Trends: Easy Ways To Switch Up Your Interiors

Has it been a while since you changed the decor in your home? Are you tired of trawling through Pinterest pages or glossy magazines and wishing you had a home worth showing off? Or have you been inspired to carry out a mini makeover by the stunning images you’ve seen? If your decor is dated or dull, why not celebrate the arrival of summer holidays by trying out some new interior trends? Here are some ways you can make your home more Instagram-worthy in an instant.


Color me beautiful

Is it time you injected some color or could your home interiors benefit from a more subtle touch? Whether you’ve got plain magnolia walls screaming out for a lick of paint or you went a little crazy with the color chart a few years ago, why not explore some different options? If you’re decorating smaller rooms, try and stick to light shades for the walls. If you want to add bold tones or bright colors, use accessories to do this to prevent making the room look even more compact. Hot shades for summer 2017 include pink, mint, teal, peach, and rose gold. All these colors work perfectly with white and gray, so go for a simple wash on the walls and use cushions, vases, candleholders, rugs and decorative frames to bring the room to life. Monochrome is always in style, especially in bedrooms, bathrooms, and home offices. If you’re keen to decorate with one eye on the fall, consider warmer tones like gold and terracotta.

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Rethinking your flooring

Have you got tatty carpets or tiles that have seen better days? If so, why not consider rethinking your flooring and carpet options? You could swap old carpets for floorboards or channel your new colorway with brand new tiles? If you’re thinking of putting new carpets down, and you have children or pets, avoid white or cream, and go for a heavy-duty style, which will stand the test of time. Floorboards and tiles are perfect for kitchens while carpets create a cozy feel in the living room.

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Less is more

If you’re prone to collecting clutter or your home looks a bit busy, why not have a clear out, invest in some storage and celebrate the less is more mantra? Minimalist designs are really popular, and you can adapt your approach to suit the design and style of your home. You don’t have to go ultra-modern and have nothing but white furniture, accessories, and walls. You can mix and match, add color pops, and combine retro pieces with contemporary design. Keep your floors clear, use shelves and cabinets to avoid clutter and don’t try too hard to create that show home feel. The laid-back, lived-in look is much more practical for most households, and it will create a really homely, cozy vibe.

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Are you interested in interior design? Do you spend hours looking at what other people have done in their homes? Has it been an age since you last donned an overall and got a paintbrush out? If so, why not try some interior trends and switch up your interior design? Experiment with color, replace old flooring and embrace clutter-free living.


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