Weird And Wonderful Hacks For Sleeping This Summer

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To list all the reasons we love summer would be to write a book longer than the Lord Of The Rings trilogy. However, for all its goodness, it isn’t perfect. There are still a few issues we have that we wouldn’t mind the universe ironing out for us. Mosquitos are one. Wasps are another. Sunburn would have to make it onto the list as well. So to would hayfever. However, the top of the podium is reserved for one thing and one thing only: trying to get to sleep.


Tossing and turning in the futile attempt to get comfortable, our glue-like sweat untucking the sheets with every motion. Yeah. This has to biggest downer on summer. That hot, stickiness that plagues our shuteye and ensures we are exhausted the next day. Of course, you could use your air-conditioning unit if you have one, but then you wouldn’t sleep for fear of seeing your energy bill at the end of August (#remotgage).


Luckily for you, we have been on the prowl and found some rather weird and wonderful hacks to help you sleep like a sloth without needing to have a heated debate around the pros and cons of using your AC.


Hot Water Bottle

Before you think we have completely lost our marbles, here us out. Instead of filling your hot water bottle up with steaming water fresh out of the kettle, fill it with water and then stick it in the freezer for an hour or so before bed. Pop a tee shirt around it and, voila, you have an ice pack ready to snuggle up with.


Freeze Your Sheets

This is another little hack that requires you to have a working freezer, so if yours isn’t working, or is threatening to malfunction, then you really need to chat to the chaps at What this hack requires you to do is somewhat insane, but also very effective. You see, a few minutes before you head up to bed, fold up your bed sheets and place them in your freezer. Having tried this, we recommend you put them in a plastic bag first. Not only will that stop them getting soaked, but it will also stop them smelling of that curry you froze last week.


Let Loose

Weirdly, sleeping in the buff is not the way to go. What you want instead is some loose-fitting, cotton pajamas that will (rather disgustingly) soak up your sweat instead of leaving into create that glue-like film your sheets love sticking to. There’s a great list on that goes through the top choices, but a loose shirt, shorts, a gown or some matching PJ’s will work. Whatever takes your fancy really.


Fan Hack

It’s amazing how controversial fans seem to be when summertime arrives. The majority of people we speak to (who we like to think are well-informed experts) believe they just blow warm air around the room, which is hardly ideal. That’s why we recommend you go old school on this front, by placing either an ice tray or a shallow bowl in front of your fan and enjoy the cooling mist that follows.

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