Let’s Talk About Talking – The Best Kind Of Therapy?

Today we’re going to talk about talking. Whether you consider yourself to be a big talker or not, it’s important to understand just how beneficial it can be for emotional issues such as stress and anxiety. Have you ever felt so stressed or anxious about something that it was almost like you lived in your own head, on a terrifying roundabout that just would not stop? You’re not alone. It’s not difficult to see why so many people meet up for coffees and ‘catch ups’. Talking about our issues helps us to see that really, we’re not alone. We’re not doing such a bad job. We’re probably even doing much better than we think we are! So, does this make talking the best kind of therapy?

Why Talking Therapy Works

Talking therapy is useful whether you’re male or female, old or young, gay or straight – the list goes on. Whatever your situation, talking therapy can offer benefits. Talking therapy is a brilliant way for people to deal with issues that they don’t feel capable of dealing with on their own. Some studies have even shown that it can be just as effective, if not more effective, than medication. You might feel totally comfortable speaking with your loved ones about your issues, but in some cases, you may only feel comfortable talking with a psychiatrist. Psychiatrists specialize in this kind of therapy, and will not judge you, no matter how bad you think your problems are. This person will often let you cry, shout, or just think, depending on what you feel you need to do in that moment. Talking therapy effectively eases stress and anxiety. You may get another point of view on your problems, and find them easier to cope with. Your issues may not disappear with talking therapy, but you should feel far better equipped to cope with them if you are consistent. Whether you choose to go to a specially trained therapist, a friend, or a group is irrelevant. The benefits of talking have been proven time and time again!

If you’re worried that a simple chat will not be able to help you, think again. Talking has helped people overcome the likes of eating disorders, phobias, depression, and anxiety. They can even help with addiction, alongside other treatments. This therapy can even be used for people who have serious mental illnesses.


Talking therapy has been found to improve quality of life in those who have physical illnesses too, such as diabetes and lower back pain. Talking therapy has been proven to be as effective for children as it is for adults, so make sure you raise your children knowing that they can come to you with problems. Always have an open dialogue, and ask them open ended questions. React carefully to the things they say and try not to judge, as you don’t want them to shy away from telling you things in the future.


Why not call a friend over for a chat right now? Start a discussion with your children? Talking is important, and it’s OK to say that we need to do it to feel better!


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