How to Make a Home office a ‘Proper’ Office

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We all know that working from home can be an amazing perk. However, if your home office is drab and impractical you will soon be itching to get back to an ‘actual’ office. It is super simple to create a really practical, professional and attractive office, however, so follow our simple tips on how to do just that.

Make The Best of the Space

Making the most of the space that you have available, for your home office, is really important. If you have a small space then you are going to need to be thrifty with the items that you place in this space in order to make is feel as spacious and as de-cluttered as possible. Larger spaces mean that you have more flexibility with the items that you can afford to be adding into this area to make it look as professional, practical and comfortable as possible.

Be Ergonomic

It is all very well looking on Pinterest and seeing beautiful little vintage tables and upholstered dining room, office chairs. However they are not going to accommodate a 40-50 hour working week. So you will need to approach the furnishings from a really practical perspective. You will need ergonomic chairs that support your back and you will need your computer situated so that your screen is at eye level.

Have Help Close at Hand

One of the best things about working for someone else, or working in a busy office, is that if anything goes wrong it is dealt with easily and quickly. That is not the case when you work from home. If something goes wrong you are on your own to sort it out. Therefore if it really important that you have all your important contacts in place, should anything go wrong. Have a contact for One Hour AC repair company should your air conditioning breakdown on a hot summer day. Have an IT specialists number close at hand should anything go wrong with your computer. Having all the necessary emergency contacts close at hand will make you feel much more relaxed, so that if anything goes wrong you have help available just a mere phone call away.

Natural Light

You will want to try and position your desk as close to any available windows as possible. Natural light is very important to our mood and wellbeing on a daily basis, so try to make the most of any natural light you have in your home office room or space. Even better, try and place your desk and your chair in a position that will allow you to have a little bit of a view. Being able to look out of a window and out into the world does wonders for making us feel happier more relaxed and more inspired.

Be Practical

Finally, be practical with the layout of your office. Think about where your electrical sockets are and adjust your desk position accordingly for easy access to plugs. Keep your most essential items in your desk drawers and most important folders within arm’s reach. Being practical with the layout of your office means it will be a much more pragmatic and enjoyable space to be in on a day to day basis.


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