Tips for Avoiding Accidents at Home


Whether you leave the bath running too long or spill a cup of coffee on a new rug, no-one likes to deal with accidents at home. It’s especially important to avoid if you have young children around. The last thing you want to be doing is making a mad dash to the hospital because of a burn or calling your insurance company because of a flood. The best way to avoid these types of accidents is to practice good safety and take precautions where necessary. Here are a few tips for ensuring you avoid nasty accidents at home.



Keep Hot Drinks Out of Reach

It’s scarily easy for a young child to reach up and pull down a hot cup of coffee. The result could be as simple as a spillage on the floor or as worrisome as a nasty burn on the skin. When it comes to hot things, they need to be kept out of the reach of children. Put hot drinks as far back from reach as possible, don’t leave a hot oven door open around small children and check the temperature of plates when you present food.


Secure Rugs

Rugs can add brightness and character to a room, but they’re also a safety hazard. If you have young children around, you’re probably familiar with how quickly they run around. If your toddler is having a particularly energised morning, you may find that he runs through your living room and the rug slides from underneath him. It’s not just children it can happen with. It can also happen to adults and pets. It’s important you secure your rug by placing rug grip underneath it so no-one accidentally loses their footing.



Maintain Machines

We rely on our machines without really thinking about it. Our washing machines, fridge freezers, tumble dryers. They’re all part of our daily routine. To avoid having to search for insurance simplified, it’s important to be aware of any changes in your machines. The last thing you want to do is ignore a funny noise and come home to a flooded kitchen.


Keep Electronics Out of Water

It may seem obvious, but there are still people who are injured every year because an electronic device has been dropped into water. It may be tempting to take your iPad or Kindle into the bath to do a bit of relaxing reading, but it’s so easy for these devices to slip out of your hands and into the bath you’re lying in. The same thing goes for phones, laptops or any other electronic device. There’s a reason that power points aren’t included in most bathrooms.


Keep Spaces Clear

Our garages, attics and basements often become places to store the junk we don’t really need or valuable things we don’t use very often. The danger is, with clutter comes the risk of tripping over and injuring yourself. When it comes to these spaces, it’s important to keep a clear path and make sure the things you have stored are well supported and unlikely to fall down on you.


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