Don’t Be ‘That Guest’ – Bring Something Substantial To The Dinner Party



Being invited to a dinner party is a prestigious offer. No matter how tight-knit you are with the host, being invited to a dinner party, especially if there are invitees you haven’t met yet, shows that the host is so fond of you as to flaunt you to their other friends or colleagues. This should be taken with nothing but pride. However, the desire for your presence doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t make an effort. While the host would love you to come, you are not the main event – they are.


In order to be the best invitee friendship can buy, it behooves you to bring something of substance to the dinner party, that shows your respect for the occasion and your gratitude to the host for having you. It might seem like an old tradition, but bringing something of value to a dinner party is a consideration that has been followed since the early tribes visited one another. Replicating this is as part of your genetic, historical makeup as it is simply good social sense.


But what do you bring? Well, unlike tribal times, the leg of a mammoth might not work in this instance, and sourcing one in the first place could prove difficult.


Consider the following options for a much easier, much classier alternative:




A favorite of many people bringing gifts to dinner parties, alcohol is always accepted graciously. Just be sure that the event isn’t only ‘BYOB’ (bring your own booze,) because then it might look like you’ve only brought some for yourself. In that case, be sure to bring two (different) bottles.


For the classy and graceful touch, consider bringing some great alcohol cheaply. Start by checking the crown royal price as opposed to a 12 pack of light beer, which can not only take up space in the intended recipient’s fridge but also come across as poorly thought out or even inconsiderate. A nice bottle is an appealing thing to receive, so be sure to be the first to give it.




For the meat-eating dinner guest, bringing something of value to the table can seem like a gesture that’s had some real thought put into it. Visiting your local butcher and enquiring where you can find a large iberico charcuterie leg or some nice thick steaks as a gift to your dinner host can help you seem like you’re paying for the food provided with more food. In the case of raw meats, be sure to have them wrapped up well and delivered in an ice box if possible.


This is why charcuterie meat is normally preferably because it requires no change in temperature for its preservation and can easily be wrapped in a coverable film.




Why not bring a custom cake to the dinner party, celebrating the event, or the reason that the dinner party was crafted to celebrate in the first place? This can help you seem considerate, and it makes a real memento out of the occasion. You’re sure to come across as the most thoughtful guest present if that’s something that appeals to you.


With these tips, you’re sure to be invited and re-invited to dinner parties all across your town.


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