Top Tips for Moving House with Your Dog


Moving house can be stressful enough, but when you have a dog to move as well, it can often become a lot more difficult. Of course, you need to ensure that the pet is comfortable throughout the journey, that they do not get in the way of you packaging and moving your goods, and that they settle well into your new home. Read on for some top tips on how to make sure that this is the case.

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Update your dog’s microchip

This is your pet’s form of ID. It holds your phone number and address, so that your pet can be traced if something goes wrong. Make sure you update the microchip with your new address.

Dealing with removals

Before the professional removalists you have hired arrive, you should make sure your dog is confined to one room. Let the removal men know what room this is, and leave it until last. Of course, you will want to make sure your pet is comfortable while they stay in the room in question. Make sure they have a few toys and their bed in the room so they can relax, and don’t forget to leave some water and food.

Travelling with your dog

It is important to transport your dog to your new home safely. If possible, ensure they are in a properly constructed, secure cage. If this is not practical or possible, you can find plenty of dog seats for the back of the car, ensuring they are safe and comfortable. Aside from this, here are some other trips to help make the journey as smooth and relaxing for your dog as possible:

  • Feed your dog as far in advance of the journey as possible.
  • Make sure your dog is healthy before travelling. If your dog is a poor traveller, seek advice from your vet at the earliest chance.
  • Leave the car in the shade with the windows partly opened if you do need to stop. However, do be aware that leaving a dog in a vehicle is dangerous, as the sun can heat up a quickly extremely quickly. If it is hot, the best thing to do is take the dog out of the car, and take turns to go inside of the service station.
  • Never transport your dog loose in the front foot wall of the car or in the boot.


Introduce your dog to your new home slowly

Allow your dog to adjust to your new home at his or her own pace. Let them sniff and discover at a rate that they feel comfortable with. You could place a few of their favourite items in one room, enabling them to start off here. Leave the door open, and give them the luxury of exploring the home at a speed they are happy with. This will ensure that they do not experience any sudden panic from being in a new environment.

If you follow the advice mentioned above, you can increase the chances of your home move going swimmingly while also making sure your dog is comfortable.


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