How to Spend More Quality Time with Your Kids


As a working mom, it can be tough to find the time that you need to spend quality time with your children. What with work, home making, cooking and cleaning, you barely have time to sleep. Let alone having extra time to bond with your kids. Feeling so rushed is exhausting and can make you feel rubbish about yourself. If you’re tired of feeling disconnected from your children, this is how you can make the time you do get to spend with them, better.

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Make a game out of the boring tasks

When you have the less fun things to do with your children, they can resent it a bit, which is not what you want from them! So a way to stop this from happening is to make a bit of a fun game out of the things you have to get done. An example of this is bingo shopping. Give your kids lists of things you need from the supermarket and have a small prize (just a chocolate bar will do) for whoever picks up their items first. You should play with them as well so that you can all have fun together. As a bit of an extra bonus, with everyone helping like that, shopping will go much quicker as well!


Consider hiring someone to clean your house

The number of hours that you spend on cleaning in the house must seriously rack up very quickly. If you want to cut down on this, have you ever considered getting a maid service? It will save you massive amounts of time, and while your house is getting cleaned, you could commit to playing with the children. You could take them to the park or swimming or something that they love doing with you. It will be worth the costs when you get that extra bit of time with them each week.


Reading to your children

You probably already do read a bedtime story to your kids. However, you should consider reading a longer book with loads of chapters in it that will take you a good few months to read to them. Reading will give you something that you are experiencing together, and shared interests are so important. You could read it to them at night and have a chat about what you read the next day, on the way to school. These little things mean a lot to your kids they will remember them forever!


Getting your alone time in when kids aren’t there

As a mom, you still need time alone. Whether it’s to do some private reading, watching your favourite show or even just needing to answer loads of emails, everyone needs it. Try to either get these things done very early (good luck waking up first though) or late, after they have gone to bed. That means that while they are awake, you aren’t doing other things and are focused on them at all times. Definitely don’t let yourself stop having your time alone though as it is still essential, even though you have kids!

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