Time To Splash Out: Special Gifts For A Special Occasion


You will have no difficulty finding help with saving money on the web. There is plenty of information on how to save money on your heating bills and on your weekly shopping trip. There are hints and tips on how to eat out on a budget and how to throw a birthday party without breaking the bank. This is all vital information for many families.

After several years of austerity and a financial crisis, this is just the sort of information that cash-strapped families need. However, there are some super special occasions when you just have to splash out! On these occasions, making someone feel special is more important than counting the pennies. If you have a loved one with a special birthday coming up, here are some ideas.

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A 30th birthday is no time to count the pennies

Your 30th birthday marks the transition into real adulthood. It marks the end of your twenties which can be carefree and a little wild. For many people, it is the time when they think about settling down, buying a house, getting married and having a baby. This deserves a real celebration.

For the ladies in your life, the occasion could be marked with a special piece of jewelry. Necklaces are always a firm favorite. They make a valued addition to any jewelry collection and gifts that will last a lifetime.

For gentlemen, they may prefer something a little different. Get some inspiration on gifts for men who have everything. You could select a driving experience, a golf tour or a food tour. If you have an action man in your life, he may prefer an action and adventure weekend or even a flying experience. The main thing is that he has a birthday that he will never forget.

Diamond wedding anniversaries simply have to be celebrated in style

It is a huge achievement to remain married to the same person for 60 years and the happy couple deserves to celebrate in style with no thought of the expense. At this age, it is the personalized gifts that mean a great deal. A good place to start is a memento from the year that the wedding took place. A newspaper or an album cover would be perfect and will bring back many happy memories.

You cannot let the occasion pass without throwing a huge birthday party and inviting all their friends and relatives. Invite all the family, even the ones that have moved overseas. Travel expenses are not a concern at a time like this. There are rare occasions when extended families get to spend precious time together so make the most of it. One night may not be enough, you may have to make a weekend of it!

You could hold a themed party based when the lucky couple got married. You could play music from that time period and even dress up in the fashions.  Get the caterers to serve vintage food and wine. This shows that you have spent a lot of time planning the party and making sure that they have a great time.

A first birthday party should always be special

A child’s first birthday is always such a special occasion. It is a huge milestone in their short lives and it must be celebrated in style. The baby stage of their development is coming to an end and they will soon make the transition from baby to the toddler when they will present you with a new set of challenges.

As a special gift, you could give the little one a quality piece of jewelry that will gain value as they grow older. It may become a family heirloom one day. If you can get it engraved with a special message then that will mean so much more. Bracelets are always a popular choice as are lockets where you can insert a photo or keep a precious lock of hair.

First birthday celebrations can be tricky to organize as you have to cater for adults as well as children That does not mean that it cannot be a success. Get plenty of healthy snacks and drinks in for the kids of all ages and buy in some entertainment. This could be anything from a professional entertainer with a disco to a bouncy castle.

Then buy in plenty of champagne so that the adults can toast the birthday girl or boy in style. Beware that the star of the show may decide to nap through the whole thing!


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