Unique Wedding Gift Ideas

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 Check out these unique wedding gift ideas:


A Travel Guide


If the happy couple is soon to be heading off on a luxurious honeymoon abroad, why not gift them some travel books about the destination? The gift will be useful, thoughtful and will hopefully help them make the most of their time away.


Monogrammed Towels and Napkins


There are so many pieces of fine stationery, including napkins and towels, which can be embossed with the couple’s initials, the date of their wedding, or other important information. They make for great wedding gifts that will be saved as a reminder for many years to come.


Pay for Part of their Wedding


If the happy couple is in difficult circumstances, one of the best gifts you could give them would be offering to pay for part of their wedding. Hiring a photographer for the day or paying for the bride’s makeup is a touching gesture that they won’t forget.


A Keepsake Box


Presenting the happy couple with their own wooden keepsake box, which has been engraved with their names and the date of their wedding will ensure that they always have a safe place to keep those important things that remind them of their big day.


A Box of Wine


Sticking with boxes, buying the bride and groom a box of their very own wine, featuring custom labels and engraving is a great idea. They can keep the wine to enjoy on their 20th wedding anniversary as a nice way to mark the occasion and bring back memories.


An Experience


If giving them a prettily wrapped household appliance or trinket won’t cut it for you, why not buy the bride and groom their own experience instead. If they’re mad about sports cars, buy them a day in a Ferrari, or if they love museums, give them an annual pass to a local one. They’re guaranteed to love it.


Luxury Luggage


The bride and groom will be thrilled with their own set of luxury luggage, especially if it’s personalized with their own initials. Just make sure that they know about it before they head off on honeymoon so that they can start their vacation off right.


Plane Tickets


If the couple can’t afford their own honeymoon, you’ll be a bona fide hero if you present them with a set of plane tickets, so that they can get away and spend the beginning of their married life together relaxing away from everyday life.


An After-Honeymoon Hamper


Giving the bride and groom an after-honeymoon hamper is sure to go down well because it will enable the couple to keep the vacation vibe going for a few days after they return, as they tuck into fine foods and wines without having to worry too much about cooking or cleaning.


Are you a great gift-giver? What unique wedding gifts have you given in the past?


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