Trying For A Baby? Here’s Some Handy Advice


When you’ve been in a relationship with someone for awhile and want to take things to a new level, a baby is usually the answer. It’s such a special thing to bring into the world and will make the two of you feel so connected. Of course, we’re talking about relationships that have gone on for years here, and there’s a high level of commitment already – don’t rush into trying for a baby!


If you are thinking about trying for a baby, I’ve got some advice that can help you out:


Take Multiple Pregnancy Tests

Obviously, you need to take a pregnancy test to figure out if you’re pregnant or not. The problem is, they’re never 100% accurate all the time. So, a test may say you’re pregnant when in reality you’re not. This will get you all excited and ready for your baby, only for you to find out later down the line that it was a false result and the test was wrong. The same can apply the other way around too, it may say you aren’t pregnant when you are, which can set you behind schedule.


My advice is simple; take multiple pregnancy tests at the same time. Get a handful of different tests from different brands and take a look at all the results. In my opinion, it doesn’t make sense to opt for the cheapest test you can find either. Yes, it may save money, and I’m all for saving money, but it usually means the test is less accurate. Stick to well-known and trustworthy brands, and compare all the results. If you use five different tests and they all have the same result, you know it’s bound to be accurate. This helps prevent you from making any false starts when trying for a baby.

Be Aware Of Other Options

There are loads of people that try and try for ages to get pregnant, but it just doesn’t happen. There are many reasons this could be the case. It might transpire that your partner isn’t fertile enough and you won’t be able to have kids ‘naturally’. In this instance, don’t panic, don’t get upset, there are other options out there like IVF. This may seem expensive and not ideal, but there are payment plans for IVF treatment that make it more affordable nowadays. Plus, at the end of the day, you’ll get a child for both of you to love and look after.


If it transpires that you can’t give birth, there are still other options. You could adopt a child, or you could look for a surrogate mother to give birth for you. Of course, most people want to carry and birth their own child, but if it’s not the case, then there’s nothing you can do other than look for different options.

Pick The Best Time To Conceive

As I’m sure you’re aware, you will have a different success rate if you try to conceive at certain times during your ovulation cycle. Studies show we’re at our most fertile a couple of days before we ovulate. As a result, this is the peak time to try and conceive. You’ll have way more chance of making a baby then, compared to any other time during your monthly cycle.


The problem is, a lot of us don’t know when we’re actually ovulating, which can make planning this a bit difficult. Thankfully, there are loads of ovulation calculator tools out there that can help you figure this out for yourself. Everyone is different, and we may ovulate at different times during the month. So, don’t go by what other people say, figure it out for your own body.


Take Vitamin Supplements

There are loads of vitamin supplements you can take that will help you give birth to a healthy child. There are also vitamins such as zinc that are great for men as they help boost their sperm count and make them more fertile. It’s found that a lot of women benefitted from taking a multivitamin when they were trying to conceive too. It helped them with their fertility and may help you remain healthy and ready for a baby.


The big one to take is folic acid. If you’re trying for a baby, you should be taking this supplement as it helps with regular brain function for your baby.


Hopefully, you’ve found this advice helpful, and it will set you on your way to conceiving a baby. Make sure you’re ready for the responsibility that lies ahead, and I’m sure you’ll make an amazing mother!


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