How To Make Your Home Warmer For Less

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Keeping your house warm is very important, especially during the cold winter months. We all need to be able to keep our houses running through the rain sleet and snow, if things grind to a halt and stop working you’re going to be in for some harsh days until you can get it all sorted out! However, blasting the heating to keep your house warm is a very expensive way to do this, if you keep reading you’ll learn the best ways to keep your house warmer, for less.


Insulated Roofing


You might be wondering what that spooky picture is at the start of this post, well wonder no more. It’s an infrared photograph of a house, and the more red something is the more hot it is. See how the roof is almost white in some places? That means that it’s emanating heat and putting it out into the environment, wasting your money as the heat is escaping. Getting roofing insulation means that all of the heat that otherwise would escape through your room is bounced back into the house, meaning that it’s not escaping and means that you can be as warm as you would like to be without worrying about having to blast the heating!


Double Glazed Windows


This is much more common in Europe than it is in America, but you should definitely consider this if you’re spending way too much on your heating bills. Double glazed windows put a gaseous barrier between two sheets of glass. This gas doesn’t conduct heat very well at all, meaning that all of the heat that would have otherwise gone out and escaped your house is reflected back inside, meaning that you don’t have to worry about losing heat from your windows. As you can see by the picture above, your windows lose you a lot of heat so by addressing this issue, you’re going to save a lot of money.


Garage Door Insulation

Whilst this is not as big as the other two, it can definitely help save a bit of cash on your heating bills. Your garage, unlike most other doors in your house, is never perfectly fitted. This means that there are plenty of gaps for heat to escape out into, losing you money as you have to crank that heating up! Getting a garage insulation kit. These kits go around the edges of your garage door, covering up and plugging all of the places where heat can escape so you don’t have to worry about it draining away all of your resources.


Following all of these tips will means that your house stays warmer for less! No longer will you have to worry about blasting the heating because it’s too cold, and being concerned that you’re spending too much, by insulating your doors and roof and by getting in the right windows, you can have peace of mind that everything is going to cut your heating bills right down. Sometimes you’ll have things wrong with your house like a mysterious leak, so check this out if you need to do some further investigations in your house!


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