Creating Your Own Cozy Corner

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Most people love the idea of curling up with a book and enjoying their own company for just a while. Of course, it can be hard to find a time or a place for this when you have kids. Your personal space becomes there’s, and you get less and less chances to be alone. Of course, it isn’t all bad, as your kids also bring with them a lot of joy and warmth in your life. This doesn’t take away the need for time to yourself, though. To help you out with this, this post will be going through a guide to help you to create your own tranquil space, free from the distractions of life. Whether you want to meditate or simply relax, this post should give you everything you need.


  • Finding The Spot


To start, you need to find a good spot for your area of relaxation. To do this, you need to think about the aspects of life which make it hard for you to be comfortable, and where you could go to escape them. For a lot of people, the kids will have access to the whole house, making it hard to find space for this. But, your comfy corner doesn’t have to be inside the main house. Instead, you could consider using a shed or a garage for this sort of space. If you have the room available in the garden, a waterproof shed can be built for next to nothing. If you have a bedroom or spare room which the kids don’t use, this could also be a good place for your den.


  • Furniture


Once you have a space in mind, it’s time to think about the furniture you’re going to use. Consider the way you usually relax. If you like to lie down, looking up at the ceiling, a mattress, duvet, and pillows could be perfect for you. This will be relatively easy to set up, with options like memory foam and goose down stealing the show for comfort. If you prefer to sit down, you could look into the idea of a bean bag for your comfy space, as this sort of furniture is very flexible in the way that you use it. In most cases, it can be best to focus on furniture which is low to the ground. Being at this perspective helps to make most people feel naturally calmer.


  • Lighting And Colors


Light and color can make a huge difference to the way a room looks and feels. Working together, it’s possible to create an amazing balance between these two qualities. To start, light should be one of your key concerns. Most people will feel more on edge in a dark and dismal room. Of course, though, a room can still be dark while also being calming. A lot of people will still choose to have light and open relaxation areas, though, as this is the easiest way to inspire relaxation. When buying lighting, you should consider the looks and styles you choose. The way that the items in your room look will impact the feel of the finished product.


Once you have an idea of how you’d like the light in your room to work, you can start to think about colors. The colors you choose should all be naturally calming ones, like yellows, oranges, and light blues. Balance these with the level of light you let into the room so that their hues are pleasing whatever the weather is like like outside. If you choose to have unnatural lights, you should aim to have ones which use relaxing colors. A lot of modern products allow you to have lights go through patterns of different colors, and this can provide a lot of comfort.


  • Other Decoration


Of course, there are plenty of different decoration options for a relaxing room, and this part of the job will be largely down to preference. When you first start, you should be thinking about the things you enjoy, and that make you feel good, like your hobbies or interests. With this in mind, you can start scouring websites like Instagram to get inspiration for your room, using their clever tagging system to find the type of decoration you like. Along with this sort of tool, you can also use a community like Etsy to find unique and interesting items for your home. Consider sounds here, as these can impact the way you feel about a room hugely. Running water and ticking clocks can often be very relaxing.


  • Entertainment


A lot of people like to use their relaxation time as a way to catch up with their favourite entertainment and media. So, it makes sense that you should think about entertainment when you’re sorting out a space like this. Books are one of the best ways to achieve this in your comfortable space. But, if you don’t like to read, you could also consider having something to play music in your comfortable area. Most people find that this sort of space is best used for things they enjoy. This could be your one chance to finally escape the kids and get an hour to yourself, so it should be used for the things you love the most.


  • A Lock


Finally, to make sure that your place of seclusion is truly secluded, you’ll need to secure it. The method you use will depend on the property itself, the area you’re using, and the age of the intruders you might face. For younger children, a physical lock could be the best way to keep the kids out, but you’ll have to make sure they’re looked after when you’re in the room. Older children should be able to respect your privacy, and will often be fine with ignoring this space and letting you use it how’d like to. This space should be for you and you alone.


Hopefully, this post will inspire you to be a little bit selfish in your next DIY endeavor. A lot of people spend most of their adult lives doing things for others and making sure that they are safe and secure. But, you should always have the chance to think about yourself once in awhile. At the end of the day, you’re only human.

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