Fun Fall Activities Your Family Will Love!


Fall will be here in a few weeks, and if you want to make sure you’re spending quality time with your kids, you probably want a few ideas on activities. There are many fun fall activities your family will love – let’s take a look at some!


Go For Walks Together

There’s nothing quite like going for lovely fall walks and hikes with your family. Your kids can have fun jumping in leaves and puddles, and you’ll all get some exercise while bonding. What could be better than that? You don’t need to do anything too strenuous. There should be a short route nearby you can take together. You might even be able to get some great pictures of your kids with the magical autumn foliage and colors surrounding them.


Harvest Apples

Kids love experiences like this. Harvesting your own apples is a great day activity you can try out, and you’ll have healthy snacks for a while after. Keep some in your fruit bowl, and freeze some for baking. You’ll have the perfect apples to make a delicious pastry or pie together later on.



Bake Some Treats

Now you’ve got your apples, spend some time baking treats together. You can always head to the supermarket if you haven’t had a chance to harvest your apples yet. Fall is the perfect excuse to bake something delicious and warming. Why not get your kids to help you bake a pie? Even if they just lick the bowl, they’ll love feeling like they’re helping you make something yummy. They might learn a thing or two too!


Go To A Sunflower Farm (don’t forget your camera)

Sunflowers are in full bloom during fall time, so take your kids to a sunflower farm! They’ll love being surrounded by these gorgeous flowers. Don’t forget your camera either; you can take some incredible pictures of your family when you have a gorgeous scene like this to play with.


Head To A Fall Festival

Fall festivals are incredible. Adults and kids can have so much fun together, eating roasted nuts and drinking hot chocolate. You can look at to get an idea of what to expect at a fall festival. Make sure you book in advance if the festival is popular! All kids should go to festivals while they’re young, as it can have so many benefits on their worldview and development.


Have A Harvest Garden Party

Why not set a day to host a harvest garden party? Invite your friends, neighbors, and family and service tasty treats and drinks. This can be a great event for both adults and children to catch up and have a great time.


Carve Pumpkins

All kids should have a go at carving their own pumpkin! They’re never too young either. There are kits made especially for kids so that they don’t hurt themselves, and you can print out stencils to help them create a design they really like. Obviously you should still supervise them all the way through, and depending on their age you may need to help them. Try not to be too overbearing though; let them come up with a design they like and learn for themselves. It’ll be more beneficial for them!



Create Your Own DIY Decorations

Why not create your own DIY decorations? It doesn’t need to be Halloween for this. You can make just about any kind of decoration. If the fall weather is too chilly or wet for you to get outside, this is a great way your family can spend the day indoors without getting bored.


Toast Some Pumpkin Seeds

If you carve your pumpkins, don’t throw the seeds away. Save them and put them to the side. Then, spend some time washing and drying them off. Once you’ve done this, you can place them in the oven with a little olive oil and sea salt and create a yummy, healthy snack you can all enjoy! Remember, treats like this are best enjoyed as part of a healthy, balanced diet, as pumpkin seeds are high in calories and fat. That being said, they’re also high in antioxidants!


Host Family Movie Nights

Hosting a family movie night where you can all get snuggled under a blanket and enjoy your favorite treat will be a nice way to relax after a hard day. You don’t need to gorge on ice cream and chocolate for it to be fun. There are lots of healthy snacks you can eat to ensure you’re all staying fit!


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