Gifts That Don’t Feel Last-Minute, But Are



Sometimes in life, you simply run out of time. You’d love to spend a day shopping for gifts for your friends at the weekend, but family commitments, chore, and work inevitably get in the way. Not to worry: there are plenty of gift options out there for people like you – gifts that don’t feel last minute but are. Here’s what we’re talking about.


Personalised Food And Drink


Everybody loves food, even the most committed gluten-free vegan in your life. So why not buy them a personalized food item they can really enjoy. Today, you can order personalized cokes, Oreos, healthy snacks and much, much more, all online with the click of a button according to


Bake A Mountain Of Their Favourite Food



If your friend is coming over to dinner and you haven’t had time to get them anything because of the kids, take a look in your pantry. Is there anything in there that they will like? Whatever their favorite food, be it pizza, brownies, fruit loaf or ice cream, make a mountain of it. They’ll love it, and you’ll rescue a dire situation.


Grab A Gift Card


The great thing about gift cards is that they can be adapted to virtually anybody. Although in reality, you’re just giving people a special type of money – money they can only use in certain stores – gift cards have a magical ability to take away some of the awkwardness of handing out cash. Plus, by choosing a gift card that they’ll actually like, you’re showing that you’ve thought about them individually.


Today, most major brands sell gift cards. All that’s left for you to do is think about whether they’d prefer to go out for a restaurant meal, buy some new clothes, or grab the latest consumer electronics.


Personalised Clothing


There was once a time when personalized clothing was the preserve of the rich and powerful. But today, thanks to the internet, you can pick up customised clothing for low prices. What’s more, the selection is better than ever before, meaning that you’re almost guaranteed to find the perfect design for the person you’re buying for. You can learn more at Usually, something will jump out at you straightaway that strikes you as perfect for their personality.


TV Subscriptions

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If your friend hasn’t yet been introduced to the joys of streaming television services, then there’s no time like the present to get them started. Services like Netflix and Hulu now offer vouchers which allow people to stream their services for a limited time, free of charge. What’s more, you can set up an account for your friend in a matter of minutes using your smartphone or tablet, making this the perfect last-minute gift. No more crossing your fingers, hoping that the next-day delivery will arrive on time.


Spend Time With Them


If you’re a busy mom, one of the most thoughtful things you can do is spend time with your friends. Often, friends go for months without seeing you for one reason or another, and so time itself is a gift. Go for a shopping trip or visit a spa.


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