8 Do’s and Don’ts For A Successful Family Trip

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We all love going on holiday with the family. It’s a chance to catch up, relax and spend some quality time away from the stresses of everyday life. However, the prospect of being confined in a small space for hours with your family may cause a little stress in itself, which is why we are going to look at how you can make your family trip epic.


Run Checks on Your Car

Before any long journey, you need to think about making sure that your vehicle is in tip top shape so that you don’t experience any unwanted setbacks on your trip. Checking that you have a full gas tank, that your washer fluid and antifreeze are topped up is the first port of call. But then you also want to be prepared for the worst. What if you get a flat tire? Or you need to be towed out of a country path? Make sure you have a tow rope on hand in the trunk, and also a spare tire. It could also be worth checking the tread on your current tires and replacing them if needs be. Companies such as https://www.partsengine.ca will allow you to purchase all new tires and keep your mind at ease.

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Packing everything you’ll need for a family trip can be a long, drawn out affair. But don’t put it off until the last minute, instead, make yourself a comprehensive packing list with everything your family will need and tick it off as you go. This will take a lot of strain off on the day you leave.

Entertain The Family

Stock up on DVDs, games, coloring books and activities to keep the kids occupied on the long journey. Make yourself a holiday playlist ahead of time to make the car trip even more fun!

Feed The Hoard

As anyone will know if they have children, they get hungry very easily. Make sure you pack plenty of snacks such as chocolate bars, crisps and fruit juice to keep them happy and full for the ride.


Stress Out

Leaving things to the last minute will cause unnecessary stress on you, and in turn on your whole family. Remember, this is supposed to be a happy occasion, so prepare in advance and don’t let it pile up on you.


Drive All In One Go

The worst thing you can do as a driver is to try and face long journeys in one run. It’s dangerous not only for you and your family but also for other road users. Take regular breaks at service stations and swap driving duties with your other half now and again to take the strain off.

Wait for Food

Food gives you energy; it also keeps you from feeling stressed and bored. Before you set off, have a decent sized meal and stop off along the way for more food if you need to, a full driver is a happy one!

Wing It

It might seem like an excellent idea to be spontaneous and go with the flow, but when you are looking after your children, it is much less stressful if you have a schedule set out like this: https://www.tripit.com/blog/2015/07/4-steps-for-creating-the-perfect-travel-itinerary-template.html That way you can avoid the constant questions about ‘what are we doing next mummy?’- and curb any boredom.


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