Create a Powerful, Professional Persona – Starting With Your Hair


They say that you feel your best when you look your best. I don’t think you necessarily have to look amazing to feel it, but having the right look can definitely put you in the right mood or frame of mind. As a busy working woman, you spend a lot of time in professional environments, which calls for a professional look. I believe that if you can take control of your look and dress in the right way, you can be the powerful professional you want to be. One of the things people pay a lot of attention to is your hair. You might wish it wasn’t so, especially as it can be a bit of a contentious issue when it comes to black women and hair, but the right hairstyle can make all the difference to your confident, professional persona.

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Embrace Your Natural Hair

Taking the leap to work with your natural hair can make you feel apprehensive. It can be a lot of work to take care of it, and perhaps you’re not sure about putting in the time and effort. Maybe your natural hair makes you feel a little self-conscious too, and you’re not sure if you want to deal with it all the time. But allowing yourself to embrace your natural hair could give you a huge confidence boost. It belongs to you, and you’re not afraid to show it off. If you feel and look confident, other people will see that you’re confident and commanding too.

Choose a Signature Hairstyle

It’s amazing how much people can pay attention to hair. When you’re developing a professional look, one of the things you might consider is a hairstyle you think says professionalism. That could mean a huge number of things, from braids or tape in hair extensions to keeping your hair cut short. People can associate your hairstyle with you, especially if it’s distinctive. By choosing one style that others recognize as yours, you’ll always stand out in a crowd. Don’t listen to anyone who says natural hair can’t be professional. Anything from a loose bob to a smart braid can look great for the office.

Don’t Let Your Hair Interfere With Your Work

It might seem a little ridiculous, but sometimes your hair can prove to be a distraction at work. It’s not others it’s distracting, but you. If you’re constantly having to move it out of your face, brush it behind your ear, or restyle it, it can get in the way of everyday activities. It can also make you a look like someone who’s always busy fiddling with their hair, instead of getting any work done. Your hair could even get in the way of your professionalism by obscuring your face or just making you look a little untidy. Taking care of it, and choosing the right cut and style, can raise your confidence and your professionalism

Taking control of your look can help you be the powerful professional you want to be. Project the right image with careful choices on your style and people will take you seriously.

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