A Guide To Kid-Proofing Your Home

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In this article, we’re going to talk about more than just putting rubber protectors on the corners of tables (although, that is a smart idea if you have little children). Kid-proofing your home is about more than stopping your children from hurting themselves; it’s about stopping your home from hurting your children.

Obviously, this isn’t about scaremongering and giving you a whole host of new things to worry about with regards to the safety of your children. It’s about keeping your kids happy and comfortable in your family home, more than anything. This guide to kid-proofing your humble abode should help you to achieve that.


Children are prone to injuries. It’s something every parent dreads but it’s all a part of growing older. You can likely remember all the times you scraped your knees when falling off your bike or bumped your funny bone on a hard surface as a kid (or as an adult, if we’re being honest). Of course, that doesn’t mean you should actively encourage injuries in your household; you should try to reduce the number of times your children get bruises and cuts, obviously. We’ve mentioned before that the staircase needs to be your priority. Put up some child gates so that your little ones can only venture up and down the stairs when you’re keeping an eye on them.

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You’ve most likely also thought about how safe your property is against home invasion. Obviously, the thought of somebody breaking and entering into your house is frightening for both adults and children alike, but you certainly don’t want a stranger walking around your family home even if all they want is to steal a few replaceable possessions. However, whilst everyone wants to feel as if they and their family are safe in their own home, the fact is that intruders can be very smart about the way in which they invade households.

You might want to check out sites such as homesecuritysystem.co to see reviews for many different home security systems out there on the market. It’s important not just to physically defend your property in terms of strong locks on doors and windows but to implement some form of actively deterring intruders from breaking in at all. Again, it’s not about possessions but the fact that you don’t want strangers in the house where your children sleep. Cameras and CCTV footage are both usually a good enough deterrent for any opportunist.


You also need to think about the invisible effects your home has on your child. As mentioned over at parents.com, allergens and other irritants in the home can have a much larger effect on the health of your children than they do on adults. You shouldn’t smoke or let anyone else smoke in your household, and you should install a good fan in the bathroom to reduce the humidity of the air. Mold growth can lead to respiratory problems in young children (and adults, for that matter).

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