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We’d all like to run our own business from the comfort of our own homes, whether it be an open secret or a desire deep down. Yet, as always, it takes some hard work. Working your way up into big business online means you have to start somewhere. Whether that be with a blog, or an affiliate program, or even just taking surveys, there’s a lot you can choose to niche in all at once. More and more people are choosing to make money online because of its ease of use, yet trying to build up a successful business or reputation is even harder. Here’s a few tips.


Enter Giveaways

Giveaways give sites a lot of notoriety, and gives the winners of them the same treatment. If you enter a lot of prize draws, then talk about it online. You can be looked to as a voice of guidance in what users should put stock in and what they shouldn’t.

Take sites such as Publishers Clearing House. They have some pretty big wins on their site, and winning is guaranteed to set at least one part of your life up for a long time. Cash and physical prizes are both up for grabs, and if you win you can crow about it all you like! 

Participate In Programs

If there’s a badge to display on your blog, take the opportunity and grab it by the horns. If you’re a mom blogger, there’s plenty of kid programs out there that you can enter to be seen as part of a huger community. People always look for seals of approval when it comes to taking people’s advice online.

However, don’t stuff all your badges into one place. Display the most prominent ones on the homepage, and litter the rest throughout the site. People will find them when they look for them; for example, if you have a recycling initiative pin on the lifestyle tag then users know your practice what you preach.

Find Your Niche

There’s a lot of specialist blogs out there, and there’s a lot to talk about in product reviews and on your specialist subject. Weight loss, weight lifting, sports; whilst they all run in the same vein, they all have their own topics to write about. You can separate yourself from the next blog just by focusing on one.

So if you like history, or just know a lot about the California gold rush, then blog about it! Similarly, if you have tips and tricks on how to properly learn and absorb historical information, them display everything you know about it on your blog or site. You never know, it could lead to an ebook or book deal in itself. That is guaranteed to make you some money!

Building up a reputation of course takes time, but it doesn’t have to be impossible to do.

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