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If you’re on a budget or even if you’re just a busy mom looking to make your life more convenient, there are certain things that it just makes good sense to purchase online. Online stores usually have lower overheads, which means that you can usually get some very good deals online on most things, but there are several items where the discounts are particularly noticeable when compared with the average bricks and mortar stores.

With that in mind, here are the things you should always buy online if you want to get the best deals:

Designer Clothing

If you lust after designer clothing, and you’ve decided to treat yourself, or if you think you can’t afford it at all, you might be pleasantly surprised by the process you can find online. If you check out one of the many designer consignment stores, like you can pick up Gucci handbags, Prada dresses and Stella McCartney shoes for as much as 70 percent off the RRP. That means you will get more bang for your buck and actually be able to afford a designer piece or two occasionally!

Gift Cards

Buying gift cards is a great way to give friends and family something that they’ll really want for birthdays, anniversaries and the holidays. However, you should never buy gift cards from the store or, in most cases, even from the online version of the store because websites like sell people’s unwanted gift cards for less than their value. On average, you can save 10 percent by purchasing your gift cards in this way.

Appliances and Electronics

If you take a look at Top9Rated, you’ll see that you can buy all of the best performing electronics and home appliances online for, often, significantly less than you could hope to at the local electronics outlet, and because they’ll deliver, often for free, it tends to be a much more convenient option too.


Buying medicine at your local pharmacy is not only inconvenient, because you actually have to drive there and wait in line until your medicine is ready, but it’s also pretty cost inefficient too. Buying medicine online via CVS’s Ship and Save program can save you 20 percent off the cost of your medications and cut down on wasted time by ensuring that your medication is delivered direct to your door. What’s not to love?

Hotel Booking

If you’re planning to get away for a while, never telephone the hotel you plan to stay in, directly. If you do that, you’ll  almost always pay the top price for the room you book, whereas, if you use price comparison sites online, you’ll almost never pay full price and could even get a room for as much as 70 percent off!


Furniture is another thing that you should always buy online simply because websites like and sell high-quality furniture at a fraction of the cost that bricks and mortar stores could ever hope to. They also stock bigger, more interesting ranges and they’ll typically deliver to your door for a better price than your local furniture store, even though it’s usually closer, too.

If you always buy at least these things online, you’ll save hundreds, even thousands of dollars each year.


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