Can’t Buy For Your Man? Check These 7 Tips For Success


It is a cliche to say that it’s difficult to buy for men, but like all cliches, it’s one that has its root in truth. With a sea of choice, how on earth are you supposed to narrow down the selection to just one gift? Below, we take a look at a few essentials steps to take if you want to ensure that you end up with a gift that they’re sure to love. Whether it’s for their birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or Father’s Day, you’ll never buy the wrong gift again!


How Much Do They Value Gifts?


First of all, let’s determine just how much the man in your life values gifts. Is it a big deal to them, or are they happy with whatever comes their way? Also, think of the type of gifts they’ve enjoyed in the past. Thinking about these two things will remove some of the pressure; most people worry about getting the perfect present, forgetting that most people are easy to please.


What They Want


Far and away the best way to ensure you get them a gift they want is to simply…buy them what they want. They might outright tell you, ‘if you’re looking for a gift for me, buy me this item.’ If they don’t tell you, then you can always do a bit of crafty stalking and see what they’ve been looking at buying for themselves. They might have an Amazon wishlist or been searching for products in Google. If you have the kind of relationship where they wouldn’t if you did some snooping if it’s for a good cause, then go ahead.


Open Your Ears


In the weeks leading up to the gift-giving day, open your ears and pay attention to what they’re saying. They might, over dinner, talk enthusiastically about a new book they’ve just read and loved; if so, get the author’s name and find out what else they’ve written. Even simple things like making a note of any comments they’ve made during the TV commercials can give you a greater insight into what you should buy for them. Everyone will tell you what they want…they just might not tell you so directly. So, in short: pay attention!


What Do They Like To Do?


You might not fully understand all of their interests, but those annoying activities that keep them out of the house might just lead you to the perfect present. If they’re passionate about a particular topic, or physical activity, then rest assured: the present opportunities will be limitless. To a person who’s a geek about something, there’ll never be enough things that can own. Of course, you’ll have to check (subtly) that they don’t already own the thing you’re planning to buy!


Do Your Research


And following on from that theme, if you don’t fully understand the different types of the product you want to buy, then it’s imperative that you conduct some research. You might not be able to discern between the different technical qualities of products, but others out there can. To make sure you buy the right gift, use a site like Best Products Pro and read reviews from expert reviewers. In all likelihood, the reviewer will know about the product that the man in your life, so there’ll be extra impressed when they open their present and see what they’ve got.


Rope in Help


As much as you’d sometimes like to think otherwise, you are not the only person in your man’s life! They have friends, family, co-workers, and so on. If you need some input on the type of gift to buy for them, why not ask them? If he’s got a friend that he’s always trekking into the wilderness with, then that friend can point you towards the best outdoor equipment that he might not have. You might not be able to think of the best gift to buy, but someone in his life will!


When In Doubt: Experience


You’ll always have an ace up your sleeve. If you’re struggling to think of anything special, then you can always rely on the tried and tested gift: an experience. There’s no substitute for attending a concert, visiting a new city, or going on an adrenaline ride. And hey, you might also get to go too….


Gift-buying can be stressful, but if you adopt the right process then you can make it easier on yourself, and come away with a present you’ll know they’ll love.


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