Important Newborn Moments You’ll Want To Capture On Camera


From the second you bring your newborn baby home from the hospital, you’ll notice how quickly they grow. Newborn babies a wonderful gift, and you’ll want to hold onto those first moments of their lives as much as you can. Newborns won’t stay newborns for long, so capturing those precious moments on camera is a great way to hold onto their memories. Here are some of the most important newborn moments to take photos of to help you cherish those wonderful moments.

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The ‘welcome to the world’ photo

The first photo of your baby is an important moment to capture, documenting the time that all that hard work paid off and you delivered your baby into the world. Capturing that touching moment of when you and your partner first hold your baby is one you’ll want to cherish forever and is a good way to share their arrival with your friends and family. These types of photos are packed with emotion and will be perfect for sharing with your child when they’re older.

Sleeping beauty

Between the crying, feeding and changing – sleep is the time when things become calm for you and your newborn, making a beautiful image to capture and keep. It’s also the time where they’re likely to be at their stillest, helping you take a great photo without the risk of blurring! There’ll be plenty of time for you to capture these moments from the comfort of your own home, and smartphones let you capture high-quality images that you can frame as a lovely reminder of when your baby was still at its most vulnerable age. Read up on top tips for photographing your newborn to help you learn to take better pictures.

The first family photo

Taking that first family photo will bring back a lot of memories for you all in years to come. As well as giving you a great item to decorate your home with, you can also use your photos for thank you cards and Christmas cards to share your happiness with the world. For these types of photos, you should hire a professional family and newborn photographer who can create some beautiful and stylish shots that you can enjoy. Many families choose to do an annual family photo, which can be a lovely way to show how your family grows and changes as the years go by.

Baby’s first laughing

When your baby starts laughing for the first time, you’ll be overwhelmed with love and emotion – it’s a really special time for parents. Capturing your baby laughing on camera makes for an incredible photo, and one you will be sure to want to frame. It’s much easier to photograph these incredible moments these days, so make sure you’ve got plenty of space on your phone for all those wonderful things you’ll want to remember.


Taking photos is a great way to build memories that you can look back on in years to come. Seasonal shots are an excellent idea to help you remember the things that happened throughout the year and will look great put together in your family albums. Why not start now by enjoying fun fall activities with the family and get practicing your photography skills!


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