Don’t Leave Home Without It: Traveling with a Toddler


If you are planning to go traveling with a toddler, you are in for a lot of fun. Going on vacation with young children can be a challenge, but it can also be a great experience as you watch them enjoying new sights, sounds, and places.

However, you won’t want to forget to pack any of the essentials. If you forget anything important, this could lead to some stressful moments during your trip. Here are some packing tips to ensure you don’t forget the most important items.

Favorite Toys

When traveling with kids, always remember to pack your child’s favorite toys. Don’t leave it to them to remember, because the chances are they will forget—and then you’ll be in serious trouble.

Traveling can be stressful for kids, even if you’re going somewhere nice on vacation. They will be out of their comfort zone, and as such, they may want their favorite toy with them. Make sure you pack it and keep a close eye on it so it does not get lost.


If your child needs any special medicines, make sure you take these with you so you won’t have to spend time searching for them when you arrive. But also make sure you pack common medicines like acetaminophen and ask your doctor about the correct dosage so you can administer it when needed.

It’s also worth packing a small first-aid kit complete with Band-Aids for any minor accidents that can make the journey uncomfortable.

Lots of Spare Clothes

You’ll want to pack plenty of clothes for your child to last the entire vacation, but also remember to pack an extra set or two for any long journeys you are making—including the flight.

It might take up extra space in your hand luggage, but you’ll be glad you remembered when you need to change them halfway through the journey because they spilled their drink all over themselves.

Tablet Computer

There’s nothing like a tablet to keep kids entertained, so make sure you buy a suitable tablet and pack one per child. Long journeys are a lot harder with nothing to keep the kids happy, and a tablet can help to give everyone a break.

However, make sure you also pack a few other games and toys for the journey in case they get bored with the tablet or it runs out of batteries.

Plenty of Hand Wipes

When you go on vacation, it’s not always easy to find water and soap to wash hands. So it makes sense to pack plenty of hand wipes, especially for the plane. Antibacterial hand wipes can help to keep your toddler clean and reduce the chances of them getting ill, so they are well worth packing.

Remember the Other Essentials

As well as packing the essentials, make sure you also choose a suitable destination with plenty for young kids to do. And in your chosen destination, you’ll want to find a suitable hotel, perhaps one with a restaurant catering for kids, room service, a swimming pool, and even a kids’ club.

If you’re traveling to a big city, look for a well-known hotel from an international chain. For example, if you visit Boston, choosing somewhere like the Boston Marriott will ensure you all enjoy a comfortable stay.

Enjoy a Fun Vacation Together

Going on vacation with little ones can be a lot of fun, but things can get stressful if you forget any of the most important items. Take extra care while packing to ensure you don’t forget anything essential for your toddler, and ensure everyone has a fantastic time on vacation.

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