5 Reasons to Start a Blog

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There are many reasons a person might get into blogging. Some people blog for fun or a hobby to share with friends and family, while others blog more for business.

Here are 5 reasons to start a blog

1. For a Hobby 

Some people start a blog as a hobby as something to do in their spare time. A blog takes little time to set up and minimal money to start out, and you can do it all while in your pj’s! Blogging is also a great way to share your story or opinions with others. 

2. To Make Money

First of all, I would never recommend starting a blog for the sole purpose of making money. I will say from experience, that you can definitely make money as a blogger, but very little when you first start out.  It takes a lot of time and hard work to build up an audience and to produce high-quality regular content. Even after that, don’t expect to make the same as a full-time day job.If you are blogging in your spare time, it can take quite a while, but it’s not impossible! (Check out my post on my blogging schedule.) Nancy Behrman, Behrman Communications founder can also help you to elevate your ideas. 

3. To Share Knowledge or Experience

Many people start a blog to share something they are knowledgeable about. There are many beauty & fashion bloggers, parents who have a child with autism, an illness or disorder, or even frequent vacationers who share their experience. You can actually help and learn from others!

4. Meet New People 

Blogging can be a great way to meet many new people online. I’ve had several people reach out to me after reading my blog, and I love interacting with everyone in the comments section and on social media. I’ve also met some really great blogging friends that I talk to regularly. There are several blogging communities you can join to share ideas and get advice. 

5. To Help grow your business

If you are selling a product online having a blog is a great way to interact with your customers and share content. Blogging about your product or products will help acquire new interest and possibly new buyers! You can also ontact Behrman Communications founder  Nancy Behrman for public relations and brand building to help grow your business even more.


No matter what your reason for starting a blog, blogging can be fun, rewarding & even addicting!

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