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It’s almost that time again! The holidays will be here before we know it. Pretty soon many of us will be decorating for the holidays, going to family and work parties, entertaining guest, doing more cooking and baking, and of course shopping for the perfect gift for everyone on our list!

The holidays can be hectic, but there’s one website that can make it much easier when it comes to gift giving, and it’s totally free! allows you to create a holiday wish list from ANY store and share with friends and family all in one convenient place. Others can then easily add gifts from the list to purchase. Once someone has purchased the gift, it will show others that it is reserved, to avoid duplicate gifts.

I would suggest spreading the word and having friends and family make wish lists. It seems every year I get phone calls and texts asking what our family wants, and especially what the kids want.  I always tell them that any gift is appreciated, but usually, I tell them certain cartoon characters or whatever the kids happen to be into at that moment..which can sometimes lead to duplicate gifts.

This year I’m making a wish list on for each of the kids, with things they want in different price ranges. GiftYou Holiday Wish Lists are also great if you have family out of town that you may not be able to see over the holidays. That way, they can see exactly what’s on the list, and have it shipped directly to you, or vice versa if they make a wish list.

giftYou is super easy to use too, and did I mention it’s free? You simply register an account with your name, email and set up a password. Next, you set up what kind of wish list you want (besides the holiday wish list they also offer a wedding registry list, baby registry, and a registry for non-profits, charities and other organizations.

After you choose the type of list you want, you can set up a family group name, and the holidays the group will be celebrating such as Christmas, Hannukka, or Kawanza. Next, you can either search for gifts like educational toys or type in the specific information yourself.

On the holiday wish list I’m working on for my 6-year old, I typed in My Little Pony, and it brought up several items. I picked out the Twilight Sparkle. She’s also obsessed with Shopkins, so I added a few Shopkins items to her list. I’m still adding to the list, and plan on adding items for the other kids but here’s a screenshot of what the wish list looks like so far so you have an idea.


After your list is complete, you can then invite others to view your list and ask them to share theirs. As I said, it’s super easy to use and will make gift giving and receiving this year so much easier!

To create your own free holiday wish list to start sharing with friends and family you can go to

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