Envy Thy Neighbor! Change To Your Home To Make Them Jealous

We all want to be the envy of our neighbors, or we have issues with them that goes back many, many years. But for all of the conflicts we can have with our neighbors, sometimes it’s not a case of love thy neighbor, but more be envious of thy neighbor. Mainly because they have things that we have that we are deeply envious of, and while you take into account something like the value of your property, your neighbors may have that advantage over you. So what can you fix up, in a superficial sense, to make sure that you look like you are competing with the neighbors sufficiently on an aesthetic basis, or to make them envy you?

Improve The Curb Appeal

This is something that’s mentioned a lot in the estate agents lexicon, the curb appeal is something that you’re home needs to exude to any random passerby. And especially if you’re thinking about selling your home, you want it to leap out at a buyer and make them think “I need this house!” So, how can you do this simply? The first thing to do is to keep it in style with the other houses in the neighborhood? If you’ve got a home that is made of standard bricks, yet your neighbors have stone walls, this can mean a lot of effort to make the changes. The same goes with the roof; you can get plenty of suppliers to make a superficial change to your roof, or even just to fix the glaring issues. There are plenty of suppliers that can make a substantial difference to the quality of your roof. You can see WildwoodRoof.com for info on the different types of residential roofs that can be added to your property, from asphalt shingles, or metal roofing, as well as tile or slate, but this needs to work overall in conjunction with the curb appeal of your home.


The Bathrooms And Bedrooms

Although you may feel that this isn’t an important aspect, especially when you are competing with the neighbors, but if you are living in a home that is aesthetically similar to your neighbors, which undoubtedly it is, you may find that conversation with the neighbors turns to the size of bedrooms and bathrooms. Especially if you are renting a property, and you are looking to buy a similar property, you are going to be getting ideas about the size of the bedrooms or the bathrooms. Remember, when selling a home, the next big thing after the curb appeal, as well as the kitchen, is the size of the bathrooms and/or the bedrooms. And not just for the comfort reasons, but the value of the property will go up in accordance with the size of the bedrooms and the bathrooms. There are sites like StarCraftCustomBuilders.com that can give useful information on expanding the size of your bathroom, but remember, the more bathrooms there are in the property, the more desirable it is. Think about it from your perspective, if you’ve got five children, the desire for more than one bathroom in the home will override everything else! And the same applies to bedrooms.


We all love to be the envy of our neighbors, so try these two things, give them a spruce up, and see them seethe with jealousy.


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