Putting Your Summer Clothing To Use During Winter


We might be quickly heading towards the grips of winter, but that doesn’t mean that we need to forget everything we know about the warmer months. After all, half our wardrobe will be made up of clothes that we wear all the time during spring and summer. It seems a shame to let them waste away for months at a time! The good news is that you don’t have to forget about them: in fact, you can incorporate them into your winter wardrobe, using just a few simple tips and tricks. Plus, it’s always nice to carry a little bit of summer around with you until the warm weather comes back!

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Adding Layers

Of course, you can’t run around just in your summer clothing. You’ll be showing far too much skin for that! But those funky t-shirts and so on can be added to the winter roster, simply by adding a few layers. Wear a long-sleeved t-shirt (and thermals underneath that) under your summer items. Even your summer flats can make an appearance; there are tights you can buy that strategically expose the top of your foot. You’ll be able to wear those comfortable, cute shoes without being cold. Finally!

The Dress and Pants Combination

Most of us spend our winters wrapped up warm, and as such most of our eye-catching clothing is reserved for summer. However, you can continue to wear those sundresses with stunning designs throughout the chilly months, just by wearing jeans underneath. We don’t want to say this is a game changer…but it is a pretty big deal. Women from New York to London are wearing this look, which is simple in its execution and means you can wear all your favorite summer dresses all the year-round. The only thing you’ll need to remember is that you should pay attention to the color of the jeans and make sure they match your dress.

Bringing the Floral Designs

Who says that fall and winter have to be dark, drab affairs? Not us! One of the best ways to brighten up the season is to bring out those floral designs. They look more at home in summer, but that’s when everyone wears them. By wearing them during winter, you’ll be creating an eye-catching look and bringing a bit of sparkle to the otherwise dark months. For a solid, well-rounded look, don’t just wear the floral, summer designs. Instead, incorporate them into an otherwise wintery look.

Own the Accessories

Accessories can make or break a look. If you were to wear a summer outfit on a cold day, then you can expect to look out of place. However, if you take that summer outfit and add some winter accessories, you’ll suddenly have a quirky look that also helps to keep you warm. Find a killer scarf, hat, and gloves set, and that’ll be what draws people’s attention; if they’re combined with your summer clothing, then you’ll be mixing seasons. Great!

Summer Shorts and Tights

Tights are going to be your best friend over the coming months, especially on the days when it’s not overly chilly. If you’re just running errands or will be inside for most of the day, then pair your summer shorts (especially denim) with a pair of warm tights. You can then add a cozy sweater on top, and a pair of warm boots on your feet. And there we have it: a go-to summer staple has been incorporated into your winter wardrobe for a strong look.

Warm Overcoat

There’s also the argument that you can wear whatever you want during winter because it’ll be your coat and accessories that do most of the work. If you invest in a super toasty winter coat, then you’ll be able to wear those lighter summer evening tops underneath, especially if you also have a scarf on. There has been a host of celebrities and fashion icons wearing their summer dresses with winter coats. And if it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for you!

Add Plenty of Texture

We’ve already shown that there are plenty of ways to wear your summer clothes during fall and winter, but there is one rule we haven’t mentioned, and that is: remember to play with texture. As winter dressing is all about layers, then you’ll need to mix up the texture and colors, especially if you’re going to be wearing layer after layer after layer!

Now, time to look through the wardrobe and see what summer items will make an appearance this winter!


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