3 Ways to Sell Your House Faster Without Dropping the Price

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Selling your house and moving can be really difficult, especially if you have young children who don’t really understand what’s going on. On the one hand, it would be less stressful for you to sell cheap and go fast, but on the other, if you are trying to upscale your house for more room for your family, you will need to sell your house for the best possible price.

Fortunately, dropping the price isn’t the only thing you can do to make your house sell faster.

Dress the House

When people visit houses, they are looking at how they could fit their life into each room. This means that while your bright pink bedroom is completely to your taste and displays a sense of up to the minute fashion, if they can’t see past the pink, they might be put off. Sell your home faster by staging it.

You need to stop thinking of this house as your home as soon as you decide to sell. Paint everywhere in neutral shades, tidy all your things away and make sure every room has a distinct purpose. You can probably get away with the kids rooms, just make sure that their toys are mostly packed away!

Investing in storage is a great solution as it will allow you to declutter without having to actively go through everything first. If you have a lot of furniture crammed in, try to get by on just the essentials to make rooms look bigger. The ideal is to remove around ⅓ of your possessions.

Make it Light, Bright and Airy

Throw open the windows and pull back the blinds and curtains to let in as much light as possible. If it’s a cold day, leave the windows open just long enough to get some fresh air in but don’t let the house cool down too much. On a summer’s day, leave the windows just slightly open to catch a nice breeze (unless, of course, you are by a loud main road or have noisy neighbors!). If you have a dark room, switch on all the lights to show it at its best.

While you won’t notice the smells in your house, make sure you go round with the vacuum and dust the surfaces. A trick you might consider is using cheap but nice smelling furniture polish to lift the scent of the room. In fact, you can cheat and just spray it into the air for clean smell.

Bake Something

Whenever people talk about selling houses, they always talk about baking bread. There is just something persuasively homely about it. A basic cornbread is easy to make and will fill the house with its lovely scent. Just make sure you clean the kitchen thoroughly afterwards!

If you are feeling particularly generous you could offer the cornbread round as people arrive for an open house, but simply placing it on a board in the kitchen will be enough to persuade people that this is a working kitchen. It will also suggest to them that they would like to eat here… so they’d better buy the house quick!

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