Trying To Conceive? What You Might Want To Think About

It can be one of the most exciting times in a couple’s life when you finally start to consider having a child. From that moment you make the decision your mind starts to think towards the future. You just can’t help yourself. You begin to imagine what life will be like with a little one in tow. Whether they will have your nose or his eyes, how you will be as a mom, and whether you will take to motherhood and being a parent. Will that maternal instinct kick in like everyone says it does?

While it is amazing to think about what is yet to come, you do have the small task of conceiving, and actually getting pregnant. For some this is plain sailing, whereas for others, it can be a long hard journey to overcome. However, there are things you can do to try and help you along the trying to conceive journey, and hopefully will help you get on track. I wanted to share with you some of the things you can start to think about.



Start tracking your cycles

One of the first things to do is to consider tracking your menstrual cycles to ensure you gauge an idea on how long your actual period cycle is. This can vary from 21 -32 days and beyond, so it important to get to know your body a little better. This can then help to identify when ovulation is about to take place. Which is the ideal time and the time of the month that you are most fertile to get pregnant. You can even download applications for your phone where you can note down when your period started and ended, and t can indicate when you are likely to be ovulating, although don’t take that as gospel and look out for some of the other signs. This can also help when you do get a positive pregnancy test to help with dating of your pregnancy.

Start taking those supplements

If you are serious about getting pregnant then don’t wait for the positive test to start taking those all-important pregnancy supplements. They contain beneficial things such as folic acid, which can help you even in those early stages of pregnancy when you don’t even know you are pregnant yourself. These vitamins are also giving your body other essential nutrients which are beneficial for you and your health.

Think about your health and well-being

On the subject of your health, trying to conceive means you are presented with a  great opportunity to look at your lifestyle and make some positive changes. Things like avoiding alcohol and having a healthier diet can all be positive steps to helping your body better prepare for a baby. Exercising could also help to get your body into good shape, as it certainly works doubly hard when their is a fertilized egg and a baby is on the way.


Don’t put too much pressure on yourselves

Trying to conceive may sound like a real fun part of a relationship, but actually, it can also be a very pressuring time for any couple. When you start to focus on dates and times of the month, you can then feel the pressure to make a baby, and this can then have a negative impact and not give you the results you are after. It’s best to remember that you are always a couple first, and that this is part of your journey together, and shouldn’t be something that has too much pressure or emphasis placed on it. Having a baby should be a loving time, and so you also want to ensure that the whole baby making act isn’t or doesn’t become a chore. Make time for one another and try and ensure that you do still talk about things other than babies. Spending time together going on dates and remembering that you are a couple first should actually enhance your chances as you may even feel more connected with one another.

Seek medical advice if you feel things aren’t going to plan

Finally, you should always seek medical advice if you find that things don’t seem to be going to plan. There is no rhyme or reason as to why things might not be happening as quickly as you would like. There may be outside influences causing you stress and anxiety, you may just be unfortunate as to the timing of ovulation, or it may just be one of those things as so many people can say. At the time, the desperation can take over, but relaxing and letting nature takes its cause is always going to be the best option. However, there might be other reasons causing an issue so if you feel you have done everything right and have been trying for some time then heading to the doctors for some tests could be a positive next step.

I hope these tips help prepare you for trying to conceive.

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