4 fast-growing health care careers, without going back to college

If you’re a busy mom that now has kids in school or that are going to fly the nest, then you might be thinking about how you will fill your time. Not only that, but it brings with it a whole new era of providing for your family in a different way. Gone are the nights of broken sleep and changing diapers, and more about the role of helping our children to grow into well-rounded people (not to mention driving them all around)! So if you’re at this stage in your life, here are some new careers that you could consider going into. And the best bit, none of them require a four-year college degree, unless you want them to, of course. What would you choose?


Diet Counselor

With there being such an obesity epidemic around the world, and particularly in the US, counselors to advise on diet and exercise are in high demand. To be a nutritionist, you are likely to need a four-year degree. But to act as a counselor, you can qualify with a one year training course, for example. So it can be something that you work towards and you face this new stage in your life.

Physical Therapy Assistant

As the name hints at, you would be assisting a physical therapist in care homes, hospitals, and rehab centers. The hours can be pretty flexible with this, so it can be a good option when it comes to working around your family. You aren’t likely to need a degree for this either, though they may be some basic on the job training that you are likely to need, as well as a passion for helping others and a caring nature.


Don’t get me wrong, nursing does require certain qualifications. But to go in as a basic level registered nurse, then you don’t always have to have a degree, but have other RN training. The good thing is that you can fast track RN to BSN online. So if you worked as a nurse before having children, or do want to get into it, then you can speed the process up so that you have more medical career options available to you.

Medical Assistant

If you have worked in an office before, or have experience from being at home with the children and running a household, then you’ll know all about managing day to day operations. Those skills are totally transferable to managing the day to day running of a medical practice. You could also complete a one year course to be able to do a role like this, as well as looking into doing a two-year associate’s degree if you want to pursue this career as a medical assistant.


With a little determination and know-how, you can make this next stage in your life and parenting adventure work for you. There are many flexible options, with the chance to study and go further if you would want to. How do you juggle work and family?

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