Practical Gifts You Need On Your Santa List

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When you are a kid, the materialistic side of Christmas is all about getting presents that take up all the space under the tree and then make your mouth drop and a squeak escape when you see it is that crazy-exciting gifts you always wanted, like a hoverboard or a puppy or a mermaid outfit or shoes with wheels in the shoes and all that sort of stuff.


However, at some stage in our lives, something odd happens: we stop wanting things we would like and start asking for things we actually need. We know this sounds totally gross, but there are things out there – things that you should pop onto your wishlist – that will make adulting a whole lot easier/simpler/better, and this is the best of them.


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  1. A Decent Blender

We know this is boring but, ask for the right one, and you could find your kitchen time is halved and the food you eat is twice as healthy. It’s just one of those appliances worth the money. Of course, what you want is a food processor that comes with a bunch of different blades, that’s the secret. Think of it like a charm bracelet except less pretty and more practical.


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  1. A Streaming Subscription

The world has gone nuts for streaming services, and rightly so. The playlists on Spotify allow you to have a soundtrack for every occasion, while Netflix is producing TV shows so immense that real-life is barely worth living. Both of these epitomize the phrase, “the gifts that just keep giving”.


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     3. Save Some Energy

Don’t think of these as boring, think of them as great investments into your future as an eco-warrior. Not only that but your utility bills will be slashed, covering the cost of those gifts you bought others. We’re talking about energy saving thermostats, stove fans, folding solar panels, radiator reflectors, a jacket for your hot water unit, draught excluders and that sort of thing. You’ll be amazed at how much more these get used than the gifts you “wanted”.


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  4.A Gym Membership

The last three times you bought yourself a gym membership, you wasted your money, which is why you gave up on this purchase. However, by asking someone else to fund your membership, even if it is just for three months, you will have guilt as a motivator. You will have to deal with those texts and phone calls from the gifter asking how the gym is and you can’t lie to them, can you.

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    5. A Memory Foam Pillow

This definitely falls into the column labeled ‘Boring But Practical”, yet you won’t regret adding this to your Santa’s list and that’s because nothing beats that feeling of waking up after a great night’s sleep. Nothing. No more back pain, no more neck ache, no more midday fatigue; just bright eyes, a sharp mind and a life with almost no stress. Amazing.

    6. Socks

We can’t have a practical gift guide and not throw in the cliched classic that is a pair of comfy and warm socks; it just wouldn’t be right.

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