Clothes Making For Kids: What You Need To Know

Keeping kids entertained all the time can be tricky, so it’s important you acknowledge that giving your kids things to do 24/7 isn’t really your job. Yes, it can be tough for them when they are not being told what to do in the way they are at school, which can lead them to utter the words ‘i’m bored’ one too many times. However, all you have to do is encourage them to try out new things, play about with hobbies that fill them up, and remind them that their free time is there for them to explore and make the most of.

While there are tons of hobbies kids can try depending on age and tastes, clothes making is one that doesn’t usually get considered until much later. The truth is, clothes making for kids is entirely possible, and it can become something that they love to do.

Here’s what you need to know!



Step 1: Start Off By Letting Them Customize

You don’t have to go out and buy your child a ton of different fabrics to put their own designs together right away. That would be jumping too far into the deep end! Instead, it’s a good idea to let them customize some of the items they may already have in their wardrobe. Select a few things together that they’ve definitely got their wear out of, that they can use to experiment with.

They can begin customizing these clothes by using iron on patches, badges, and other embellishments that are easy to apply and can make clothes look really cool, adding a personal touch. Fabric paint is another good choice; they may be able to create a work of art on the back of a jacket, or write a word or phrase that inspires them. Scissors can be used to customize the length of something, or get rid of things like sleeves to create a garment that looks completely different. Sewing is a great skill to have, and can be used to apply patches more permanently, as well as to sew in other details that can make a big difference. Ultimately, sewing can be used to put different patterns together and create unusual clothing items from scratch. Looking for a sewing machine for kids will ensure they are doing the job safely, so you can have peace of mind. Of course you should make sure that this is a hobby they want to stick to before you splash out on fancy equipment!

Know What’s Suitable For Their Age

Knowing what’s suitable for your child’s age will ensure they stay out of harm’s way while honing and improving their skills in this craft. Take a look at lessons, courses, and workshops that could help them!

Let Them Try Different Methods

Remember, there are many different methods of making clothes. There are an abundance of textiles for them to work with, and the methods to be used are vast. It’s up to you to help them try different ways out and find something that they enjoy. Knitting, for instance, can be a therapeutic hobby, and can be used to make lots of different clothing items.  


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