Scrub-a-Dub-Dub, Refitting Your Tub!

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Now, there are plenty of general interior design posts out there telling you how to design and arrange your bathroom. But many of them are often sweeping and have little focus. One of the most important things to ensure that you do when designing any new living space in your home is to look at the details. It’s absolutely essential that you carefully consider every item, fitting, or appliance that goes into your property, as just one item can make all the difference to the overall appearance, layout, and functionality of things. So, for now, let’s take a look at the centerpiece of most people’s bathrooms: the bathtub. Sure, more of us may have a daily shower over a daily bath. This makes sense: it’s a faster, more convenient, and more environmentally friendly option. However, having access to a bath for the occasions when you do feel like kicking back and relaxing in the tub is a luxury that we generally can afford! Let’s take a look at smaller features of bath design.

Clawfoot Baths

Clawfoot baths are freestanding tubs, often with four feet shaped to mimic an animal’s paw (hence the name). This type of bath fixture reached peak popularity in the 19th century, so there’s something a little old-fashioned and traditional about it. But that doesn’t put most of us off! Clawfoot baths are still associated with the same level of luxury and classic design that they were marketed with over one hundred years ago. They are often larger than your standard tub, requiring more water to fill, but this allows you the necessary room to truly stretch out in the water. The four major styles include classic roll rims, slipper tubs, double slipper tubs, and double ended tubs. Find out more about the different styles here.


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Alongside the general shape of your bath, you’re going to have to consider different fixtures such as faucets. While faucets may serve a practical function, they also add a whole lot to the general aesthetic of your bathtub. If your bath is against a wall, you can opt for a wall mounted faucet. If your bath is freestanding, you could opt for a floor mounted faucet. Alternatively, you could have the faucet mounted to the tub itself by opting for a deck mount design. Take a look at different designs available over here.

Whirlpool Baths and Jacuzzis

Many types of bath now come with extra added options such as whirlpool or jacuzzi features. These are massively appealing to most. After all, we take baths for a comforting and relaxing experience more than for the sake of cleanliness and hygiene. So why wouldn’t we want something that enhances this spa-like experience for us? These types of baths have openings in the walls through which air bubbles or water can be streamed. This gives a massage-like treatment to our skin as we lie submerged in the water.

Whatever your reason for renovating your bathroom, bear in mind that a bath is something for luxury and enjoyment. So don’t be afraid to invest in it!

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