Manage The Christmas Festivities On A Shoestring Budget

This is the time of year when your passion for to-do lists goes into overdrive. You may have a handwritten list as long as your arm detailing the vast array of festive ingredients you need to purchase that’ll help you cook up a Christmas feast. You could have one or two note lists on your smartphone full of gift ideas for the kids and the decorations you need to get to kit out your humble abode. While the festive season can be hugely exciting, it can also be very expensive. Take a look at these ways you can ensure a joyous noel without breaking the bank.


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Get Crafty With The Kids

While you could head out to the most exclusive department store to pick up your extravagant ornaments and festive trinkets to adorn your decadent hallway, you could also get back to basics and spend some quality time with the kids. Homemade decorations and all things crafty like the examples seen at have seen a resurgence in recent times with people placing a greater emphasis on where their products have come from. Imagine in ten years time pulling out the garland that your little cherub made this year complete with childlike glueing and sequined firs. Make it a family event and get everyone involved making baubles for the tree, a wreath for the door and a nativity scene for the hallway.


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Ditch The Expensive Gifts

While it’s nice to be able to purchase your little darling the latest video games console, why not forego the expensive electronic gift that will see them banish themselves to their bedroom for a more inclusive family-oriented experience. Purchasing something that doesn’t need to be wrapped yet can induce plenty of happy memory making can be much more worthwhile. How about a family day out paintballing, white water rafting or abseiling? If present giving is becoming a financial stretch this year, look at rejigging your credit cards and personal loans into one monthly repayment. By looking at the guides at you can work out how you can shift your debt quicker and compare loan products.


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No Christmas day is complete without the turkey feast. However, this year instead of purchasing the largest bit of poultry you can lay your hands on, why not opt for the turkey crown instead. This is a cheaper option, and you know that none of the bird is going to end up in the bin. Go for cheaper vegetables like carrots, peas, broccoli and parsnips, rather than red cabbage, cranberries and celeriac. If you are a whizz in the kitchen, make your own gravy and bake your own culinary masterpiece for dessert. Luckily there are many festive crackers available in the shops that have half decent gifts inside without you having to fork out an arm and a leg to get your hands on them: the perfect after dinner treat.

Christmas is naturally a more expensive time of the year, but if you’re willing to get your hands dirty, have a go at all things homemade and can’t wait to cook up a storm in the kitchen you can enjoy the greatest festive season on a budget.


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