Counting Sheep: Earn Money In Your Sleep


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Earning money to keep your family happy and cozy at home this winter is one of the great challenges in life. You will find that with everything costing more money these days, your wages don’t stretch quite as far as you may like. It means that even when working 40 hours a week, you are barely making enough to feed and clothe your loved ones.

And unless you suddenly have an accident and have to call a DeSalvo Law injury lawyer to get compensation, or you suddenly win $1 million on the lottery overnight, you will not be making any more for your family. However, there are a few ways which you can make passive income which will not take up all of your time and will give you that extra boost you need for your family.

Sell stock content

If you have ever seen stunning images on the web, 80% of the time it will be a stock photo. Companies, advertisers and publishers buy stock photos, videos and even music online to use in their content. You may notice on YouTube videos that they have music playing in the background- and this music is created by people like you and sold online.

If you are a dab hand with a camera, an instrument or your voice, you can create content for stock websites to allow people to download the content and use it for their own purposes. You will get a percentage of the profit every time someone uses your product, and the website will take off a small amount for themselves. Some of the common stock sites are:

Shutterstock: photos, video, illustrations, music
iStock: photos, video, illustrations, audio
Dreamstime: photos
Patternbank: fabric designs
LINE: emojis
Dafont: font/typography

Write an eBook

If you love nothing more than to write and share your stories, writing a book online may be the perfect way to make some extra money for your family. Write the book on microsoft word or google docs as you normally would, and then you will be able to create your front cover, pages and dedications. Once you have created your book, you will need somewhere to publish it. Amazon is a great place to start, and you can even go for iBooks or waterstones too. Online publishing means you do not have to pay for a literary agent or printing, and you hold 100% of the rights to your book meaning you get all the profit from the sales.

Build your own app

With technology being such an important part of life this day and age, one ways to make passive income would be to create your own app. It could be a game, an image editor, an exercise app or even one for recipes. The choices are endless and you can simply make it into whatever you want. You will need help from a developer to make sure that the app works as you wish, but this small outlay will be made negligible once your app is on sale.

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