Picking the Right Family PC for Your Needs

Every family should own at least one computer. Whether it’s for general things like purchasing groceries on the internet or doing homework, a computer serves many different functions and should always be around. Of course, you can do these things on a smartphone or tablet, but having a full-sized desktop computer is always appreciated and comes with many advantages.

To help you pick a fantastic family PC, we’ve put together a few tips that will help you choose correctly so you can get a great value machine for your money.


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Why not a laptop?

You can consider buying a laptop for your personal needs or for your child when they go to college, but for now, a desktop computer will be both cheaper and more powerful. It will serve more uses, be sturdier and have less chance of breaking and also last longer than a laptop. As you may expect, laptops are perfect as personal devices but not so great at serving the role of a family computer.

Windows vs Mac

Windows is always preferred due to the price. While Mac computers do have some advantages, they’re simply not great at teaching you or your children how to use a computer and aren’t as flexible as Windows computers. They’re also much cheaper than Apple’s offerings and you can save a lot of money if you just get a simple Windows-based PC.

Financing Deals

Let’s admit it, we’re not made of money and purchasing a computer is expensive. Getting more expensive hardware is often a good idea because it means that your parts will last longer. Sadly, it also means that you’ll pay a hefty price, but with personal loans like Personalloan.co or similar services, you can easily afford to pay for a more expensive computer if you currently don’t have the funds for it. Remember that you could always ask the store you’re buying from if they offer financing deals too. Sometimes computer shops will offer 0% financing and it’s a great opportunity to pick up a new PC for a cheap price.

System Specs

As a family PC meant for social tasks, you really don’t need to worry about the specs so much because most computers nowadays have more than enough power for basic tasks. However, if you plan to let your kids play video games on it now and then, then you’ll want at least a dedicated graphics card. The specs will usually point this out, but you can ask a member of staff at a store if the computer they’re buying has a dedicated graphics card. This will make games run smoother and also helps with video editing or image processing.

Peripherals to Include

Of course, a mouse and keyboard are must-haves. Speakers can be a great addition if you plan to watch films or play music on it, and a graphics tablet can be great if you intend to draw or edit images. You don’t need an expensive one unless you plan to do professional art. A webcam is also great for keeping in touch with overseas family members or distant friends, and a microphone is great if you don’t have a headset.

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