When Your Teen Wants Plastic Surgery…

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So, your teenage daughter has started talking about plastic surgery? She’s not happy with the way she looks, and wants a boob job? She’s hated her nose all of her life, and wants it straightened out? For most parents, this is a conversation they dread having. You love your daughter the way she is, so why doesn’t she love herself? While it’s difficult, you need to handle such conversations carefully; otherwise you risk pushing your child in a direction you don’t want them to go into. So, here are some tips for handling such conversations effectively.

Educate yourself – The first thing you need to do is educate yourself. If you come out with a bogus statement that most plastic surgery cases end up in a botched job, you’re going to lose your credibility going forward. You can go to davidhalpernmd.com for more information on this. By educating yourself on the various procedures that are available, how they work, and the benefits and risks associated with them, you will be pretty prepared for any conversation. Moreover, if your daughter does decide, when she is old enough, to go ahead with plastic surgery, you will be able to help her make the best decisions.

Listen to your child – Don’t immediately dismiss what your teenager has to say. Yes, it can be horrifying to hear them discuss plastic surgery and how much they “dislike” their appearance. But you need to listen to what they have to say, you need to respect their thoughts, and you need to try to understand them. It’s very tempting for a parent to simply brush off what their child says and tell them they are beautiful. After all, they are! But that’s not where your child’s headspace is at right now. They clearly think differently, and you need to listen to where they are coming from. It shows that you care about how they are feeling.

React appropriately based on the situation – What does this mean? Well, if your daughter has decided she wants to have a Brazilian butt lift because all of the hottest celebrities are doing it, then you’re well within your rights to advise against it. You may want to show her this article at the sun.co.uk. However, if your child is suffering from an extreme deformity or their confidence is at rock bottom, you need to take action. This could mean taking them for a counseling session or booking a consultation with a surgeon simply to find out more. It does not mean that the end result has to be surgery, but it could very well be. Either way, it is a situation that needs addressing.

So there you have it: the three important steps you need to follow when your teenage daughter comes to you and tells you that she wants plastic surgery. Take a deep breath and consider your next move carefully, rather than saying “no” and dismissing your child. You will get a lot further if you do that.


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