Small Diet Changes, Big Losses

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Do you want to lose weight? Do you want it to be easy as possible? Today is your lucky day because I’m going to show you how you can lose weight simply by making a few small diet changes, which although they may appear minor, can result in big losses on the scales…

Say Goodbye to Soda

Each soda you drink each day increases your risk of being overweight by a massive 65 percent, and artificial sweeteners may be just as bad, with some research suggesting that it makes you feel more hungry, thus causing you to gain weight! So, perhaps the best thing you can do to see a big loss is to switch your soda for sparkling pineapple water or delicious green tea (hold the sugar). You’ll feel much better and pretty soon you’ll start looking much better too.

Eat on Schedule

It might be a bit of a pain, but if you can swing your schedule so that you always eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at the same times each day, you will, according to a research, eat less food and burn more calorie; if you eat six  small meals at the same time each day, the benefits will be even bigger.

Double Your Protein

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A study conducted by the University of Washington found that individuals who doubled their intake of protein felt less hungry than those who didn’t. It is thought this might work by increasing the brain’s sensitivity to the feel-full hormone leptin. So, double your portions of healthy chicken, fish and tofu and feel the benefits.

Buy Pre-Prepared Fruits and Veggies

If you buy pre-prepared fruits and veggies, you are much more likely to eat them. Store them at eye level and stock up on hummus, peanut butter and other healthy dips to encourage yourself further to snack on them daily.

Get Some Shut-Eye

A lack of sleep can really affect your body by making you feel more stressed. This, in turn, makes you feel hungrier, and research has shown that people who don’t get enough sleep each night will, on average eat 300 calories more daily! So, if you want to get in shape, make an effort to get to bed earlier and actually get some sleep!

Find an Exercise Buddy

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When you have an exercise buddy, you are much more likely to stick to your exercise routine because you won’t want to let them down by not showing up, and because they will give you the motivation and encouragement you need to keep going.

Switch to Whole Grains

Instead of eating white rice and white bread, switch to the brown, whole grain versions, which typically contain more fiber to help you feel fuller for longer.

Start with Soup

If you start your meals with a small portion of healthy low-calorie soup, the combination of liquid and fiber will help you to feel fuller. That means that you will typically eat fewer calories overall, while still getting all of the nutrients you need.

Make as many of these changes as you can, and your weight loss might just go through the roof!


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