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What’s Up At Home?


My baby turns 1 tomorrow! It’s hard to believe this time last year I was only a day away from having her!

I remember waking up on September 22nd, 2015 having horrible contractions. Even then, I took a shower and waited several hours because I was sure I had enough time. 

By the time we left, the contractions were much stronger. We live about 30 minutes from the hospital, and I remember holding on to the handle of the car on the way, thinking I waited too long, and was for sure going to have her in the car! 

Thankfully, I didn’t, and when we arrived I was dilated to a 5, and she was born almost 6 hours later. 

After she was born I had one of the most excruciating headaches of my life caused from the epidural (which as a migraine sufferer that’s saying a lot) It lasted almost 5 days after I had her and the only way I could get relief was by laying completely flat. I held her, and even ate pretty much laying flat for those 5 days.



On a little side note, with my middle daughter, I was in labor but had the urge to go shopping and pick up a few things we needed. So there I was, having contractions in the middle of Target because for some reason I thought we just HAD to have pool chemicals so we could get the pool set up after I got out of the hospital.

I blame it on crazy pregnancy brain! 😉 Luckily I didn’t have her in the middle of Target, and we were close to the hospital!

Anyway, I’m so glad we have our sweet little Avery Rose, and she has brought nothing but joy, to our life!

Granted she has been the worst sleeper out of all the kids and went through month’s of colic and general fussiness. but she also smiles a lot, is super cuddly, loves playing with her sisters and is super sweet! I can’t imagine our lives before her! Her personality just grows more and more each day,  and she has the cutest laugh ever!

avery 2

We are having a small party for her tomorrow and then a bigger party next weekend to celebrate!


What’s Up On the Blog?

There’s so much going on on the blog and coming up that I don’t know where to start! It’s crazy, that I’m already starting to talk about Christmas and Holiday Giveaways with a few contacts.

Truth be told, I like planning ahead, though, I blog full-time, but I’m also a full-time mom which always comes first. Planning ahead actually allows me to make sure I have enough breathing room, and time to spend with the kids.

Glysolid Samples

I recently reviewed Glysolid Cream, and they were generous enough to allow me to offer FREE samples for up to 200 readers. They are supposed to contact me as soon as that number is reached and I will have to take down the link. So far they haven’t let me know, so if you haven’t claimed your sample be sure to do so here.

RevivHair Placode Giveaway

There is also a current giveaway going on for RevivHair Placode Serum. It’s a hair growth and thickner serum with a $70 retail. You can read my full review below and be sure to enter!

RevivHair Giveaway

Tomorrow on the Blog

Tomorrow on the blog I will be doing a post on a graphic tee I picked out from Cents of Style. It is from their Life is Collection . Stay tuned to see which one I picked and why.

Heads Up –>>this collection will be part of their Fashion Friday! Each week on Friday they feature a special item or two at an amazing discount, so don’t miss out. If you get a chance definitely check them out. They have fashionable clothing, jewelry, scarfs, shoes and more all at an affordable price!

Coming soon

Fragrance giveaway, subscription box reviews, recipes and more!


Hope you all have a great week! Don’t forget to subscribe below if you haven’t already, that way you will be the first to know of all giveaways, reviews, recipes, and crafts!

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