Treating Your Ipad Like A Member Of The Family


Who treats their iPad like a priceless diamond ring or a family heirloom? Who can’t get to sleep without playing their favourite games or watching those addictive TV shows we are always talking about? If this is you in a nutshell, then you might want to carry on reading.



There’s so much you can do on a iPad these days and the best thing about it is that it looks futuristic and cool as well as being portable and lightweight so you can carry it around and play it anytime, anywhere you want. You can watch live TV or catch up, listen to the radio, download Netflix for your daily fix of your favourite films or TV shows or even play a little game of solitaire or hearts whilst you wait for your mates to arrive at the pub. Boring car or train journeys are now a thing of the past too but still in turn integrate the whole family. Multiplayer game of Donkey Kong anyone?

You can do your food or personal shopping on it and pay for them online in one quick, easy payment whereas Dad can check out the football scores. Are his team losing again? That will explain his bad mood. The young kids can do their homework research using Google and then write their report on applications like Microsoft Word or Publisher but watch out that they’re not playing games instead. If it wasn’t for you pesky parents, they would have got away with it!

Ever seen the TV show Pimp My Ride? Well, now you can pimp your iPad! Like a pampered pet, you can make it look like you want to, in order to impress your friends and make you feel like you’re top of the class. Through companies like iThingum, you can see what parts you need and exchange them with your closest friends. Perhaps an added video camera for your eldest son while he skypes his secret girlfriend? Or how about a stand to prop up your portable prized possession while you’re all cosy and relaxed in your nice warm bed?

Furthermore, a lot more people are now using their tablet instead of a camera or their smartphone to take that perfect picture. There’s only so much you can do on a portable camera or phone. It’s a small screen, you want to take the whole shot. A clearer shot. You only have one chance to do it before you have to go. So what do you do? Whip out your iPad and make that dream happen. Focus on what you want to take, be it a beautiful sunset or a sandy beach, and with just one click of the button, that memory is yours to cherish forever. If you want a longer shot, why not take a video, again with amazing simplicity and with the clearest focus you could ever wish for.



So yes, the iPad could be like a brother or sister. Not only can it play games with you and watch TV with you but it also helps you with your homework and then gives you a cuddle at night. And no squabbles either! Where can I get another one?




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