Spending Time With Friends Without Breaking The Bank



Making time for friends and socializing is so important. When you’re a busy mom, you probably don’t get as much time to do so as you’d like. So arranging things to do when everyone is free is key to keeping close bonds between you and your friends. But when you’re working to a tight budget, you might find yourself skipping social events due to the worry of money. But fear not, there are plenty of things you can do which cost very little. Here’s how you can spend time with friends without breaking the bank

Go For Breakfast or Lunch Instead of Dinner

Dinner at restaurants is always the most expensive meal of the day. Instead, how about going for brunch, lunch or seeing if there are any places that are good for breakfast nearby instead? For an even more budget friendly catch up, you could just go to a coffee place. Dining out at restaurants is a nice treat. But when you’re looking to keep costs down, going out to dinner in the evening will never be the most budget friendly.

Look For Discount Codes

Cinemas, bowling alleys, ice skating rinks will all have offers on from time to time. Keep an eye online and in local papers and see if you can snag any two for one vouchers or deals that entitle you to some money off. Activities like this are always a lot of fun, but they can be pricey. So doing them when you can get a discount is much kinder on your bank balance and something your friends are sure to appreciate too.

Throw a Party at Home

It could be a drinks party where everyone brings their own bottle or a dinner party where everyone brings a dish. Doing this is a fun way for you all to sample each other’s food and means there’s not too much cost involved. You could arrange for someone to bring starters, another to bring mains and another to bring a dessert. If you have a few people coming, it just means you have more choice! Alternatively, you could throw a tea party and serve plenty of good tea in cute vintage teapots. Ask people to bring a cake or some cupcakes along instead.

Find Free Attractions

You could go to a museum or gallery which are generally free to enter. You could go on a dog walking date to the park and spend some time enjoying the outdoors. You could also see what’s on in your local area. Since Christmas is on the way, there should be no shortage of festivals and Christmas markets to have a walk around which would be a nice way to spend time with friends.



No matter what you decide to do, as long as you’re in the company of good people you will always have fun. Most of us are working to a tight budget in our lives, so don’t be afraid to suggest a less expensive alternative when you meet up.

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