The Great Outdoors: Take Your Next Home Improvement Idea Outside

If someone mentions the words “home improvement” it normally makes us think of things like kitchen renovations and repainting the walls in our home. Sadly, very few people think about outdoor improvements such as upgrading the garden, the roof above our heads or fences that surround our property. For some reason, people don’t take care of the outsides of their homes as much as the inside.

One of the main reasons why people don’t care about the outside of their home is that it’s too much work. Renovating something like the roof is a huge deal that takes a lot of effort, money and time. We also spend less time on the outsides of our house than the inside, so it makes sense to improve the area of our homes that we spend most of our day in.

Break the mould and plan your next home improvement for the outside of your house. Whether it’s replacing your siding with lp smartside panels or tiling your roof with a new design, make a statement and show your neighbors that you care as much about your lawn as you do your kitchen.


A Swimming Pool

Swimming pools are often associated with wealth and expensive houses, but it doesn’t take much to install one in your back garden. There’s planning involved and you’ll need to spend a lot of money to hire a contractor to carry out the work, but it’ll be worth it to see the look of envy and jealousy on your neighbor’s faces. You’ll also have a fun way to exercise and hang out when you invite people over for a garden party.

There are some legal issues that you need to take care of if you plan to build a pool. For starters, you’re required by law to create a fence around the pool which could eat into your budget. You also might need to use dynamite to blow a hole big enough to fit the pool if your home is built on top of solid rock or other hard materials.

Extra Rooms and Storage

Home improvements don’t need to be huge expensive projects like a pool. Something as simple as an extra shed or outdoor storage area could be done over a weekend with some help and it’ll add extra practical uses to your home. Use whatever material you want to create walk-in sheds, storage cabinets, or even an entire building that you can use to store gardening equipment, old antiques or even gym equipment.

If you plan to add extra living space to your home then you may need permission from local authorities to carry out the work. If it’s a small shed or cabinet then you’ll be fine doing it on your own, but if you plan to build a separate building then it’d be better to hire a contractor so that you have an easier time routing power or water to the extension.

You also have the option of adding a sunroom to your home if your garden is big enough. It’s a fantastic hangout spot for friends and family, and it’s the perfect area to lounge with some relaxing music and a book. It’ll also let in a lot more sunlight to your home which is always a welcome improvement.


Clean up the Garden

If you’re like the average homeowner, then you probably neglect your gardening duties. Whether it’s polishing the decking, jet washing the paths or just watering the flowers, there is a lot of work involved to maintain a pretty garden.

Consider hiring a gardener to help with the process. You’ll have to get rid of old withering plans, clean up the paths, get some new garden furniture and chase off any bugs or animals that have taken up residence in your garden. A fresh set of garden furniture can do wonders to spice up the look of your back yard, and some new flower beds to replace wilting plans can make all the different.

Keep in mind that you might need to invest in some tools even if you hire a gardener. Most of the time they’ll bring their own tools, but it could be cheaper to hire a helpful pair of hands instead of a full-blown commercial gardener. Tools like a spade, shovel, gardening shears and a lawnmower aren’t very expensive and they’re vital tools to maintaining a well-kept garden. Once you’ve regained control over your garden, it becomes much easier to manage by yourself and you won’t need to hire a gardener anymore.

Another perk of having a well-kept garden is the ability to throw barbeque parties. With an upgraded grill, you’ll be able to cook up delicious meals while your friends and family explore your beautiful garden and lounge in your new furniture. A garden overhaul is a worthwhile investment to encourage social events in a relaxing and natural environment, so it’s something to consider if you want to bring the family and neighbors together.


Decorate Your Front Door

If your door number is falling off or the paint is chipped and cracking, then it’s time to upgrade your front door. It acts as a gateway to your inner sanctuary and private home, so why not decorate it appropriately so that whenever you come back from home, you can see your home in all of its glory. Coming home to an inviting front door after a long day at work will melt your stress away and fill you with joy. Your guests will also feel more welcome with a clean and well-kept front door, and your mailman will be happy as well!

The first thing to do is cut away any excess trees and plants because no one wants to walk through a rainforest just to reach your front door. A few plant pots, a new house number plate and a jetwash of your pathway is good enough to start with. Then you can clean the windows, add flowers to your front lawn, or even replace your front door with a new and modern design—the choices are endless!

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