Design Ideas: How To Know Which Will Work Best For You



When you’re thinking about using a new design idea in your home, you can often be torn. You might love the way it looks, but be worried about how it will work in your home. When that’s the case, you can feel a little anxious about making any commitments.


If you’re getting close to starting a remodel and you’re stick stuck on your design idea, think about the options you have. You want to know that you’re going to love the look of your new place, but that it will also be practical too. Consider these styles in terms of both aesthetics and functionality, and that should help you come to a decision.




If you’re renovating your home that hasn’t been decorated in decades, you might be desperate to completely update it. A modern design theme would not only bring the space up to date, but it would look gorgeous too. Think clean lines, lots of bright light and a monochrome color scheme. Depending on the room that you’re looking at decorating, it could work practically too. But, if you have small children, you might want to focus on wipeable surfaces and more black than white.




When you’re a lover of white designs, you can easily fall in love with bright open spaces that look like a blank canvas. But, with children, it’s not always an option as we just discovered. However, there is one area of the home that you could do all white – your kitchen. When you’re doing a kitchen remodel, including all white cabinets and flooring will not only look great, but be practical too as you can select stain resistant materials.




Perhaps your current home is full of clutter, and you’re not a fan. If you’d love nothing more than to have a spacious house, you’re going to want to work on a smart design. For this, you might need an architect. You can find a range of great space saving ideas that you can store your clutter away in and enjoy the space to yourself (click here for more alternative space arranging ideas).




When you’re a fan of all things vintage and retro, you can often dream of filling your house with gorgeous designs that reflect your taste. But, you have to think about the practicalities of that when you have small children. Until their older, you might want to focus on just one room that can be your own, like the master suite or a reading room. Then, gradually transform the rest of the house.




Minimalism isn’t always easy to achieve in a family home. It can often be full of toys and games, paperwork and homework. But, if you have a great organizational system and your children are quite good when it comes to mess, you can make it happen. You can even apply some really great minimalistic design themes to the children’s bedrooms too. Smart storage and clever color placement can make all the difference, especially when it comes to storing away their mountains of toys.


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