Three Important Things Your Kitchen Might Be Lacking In


As they say, the kitchen is the heart of the home. A place where you cook, entertain, eat and a casual area where you can generally relax and hang out. You might think your kitchen has everything it needs, but there’s more to think about than just cupboards and appliances. Here are three important features any kitchen needs which you’re might well be lacking in!



A Pantry

You don’t have to have a built in pantry or even a cupboard to turn into a pantry in your kitchen. They can actually be created out of any little nook that you have. You can hire a carpenter to fit you a door to make your makeshift pantry look proper, or just pull a curtain over. Pantries are useful since they allow you to stockpile items. This means you can buy things in bulk or when they’re on sale to save money. It also means you have plenty of ingredients on hand in the house. That way you’re not constantly having to run out for a bag of sugar or flour, or are running out of essentials like pasta and rice. A pantry also gives you space for a large spice rack, which is useful in any cooks kitchen. They allow you to add tons of flavor without the need for lots of unhealthy oil and salt. They can also save you money since you can turn very plain, inexpensive staples into wonderful and tasty cuisines inspired by countries across the globe.


Good Lighting

We spend money on fancy chandeliers; cool exposed bulb light fittings and expensive lamps elsewhere in the home. So why don’t we put as much effort into kitchen lighting? It’s an important room to be able to see what we’re doing after all! If you’re currently putting up with a dim, rubbish light, then make the upgrade. Sites such as have a range of kitchen lighting you could browse through. Adding under cupboard or even kickboard lighting too can help the place look really luxurious as well as set the mood and brighten up your kitchen.


Extractor Fan

Cooking smells, steam and smoke can all make the kitchen become a little unpleasant. Cooking smells can also stick around in the home, and while they might not be as noticeable to you any guests coming in are sure to find them incredibly whiffy. Steam from boiling pans and kettles can cause condensation leading to mould, and smoke from cooking (or occasionally burning!) food can stain walls. An extractor fan helps to remove all of this. If you have a built in cooker, your cooker hood will contain this so be sure to get into the habit of putting it on every time you use it. If you don’t have a cooker hood, investing in an extractor fan is a must. Opening windows can help, but when it’s the middle of winter, it’s often not very nice letting a big cold draught in through the window. A fan is a much better option.


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