Does Your Family Think They Live In An Igloo?




What’s the difference between your house and an igloo? The answer? Surprisingly, lots of people don’t know that because of the way an igloo’s created, then heated inside it’s actually quite a warm and cozy place to be. However, many of us see just see packed snow and ice and think ‘that must be cold’ we aren’t looking at the bigger picture. You might be forever complaining that your house is chilly but aren’t aware that it’s the little things you’re all doing that contribute to you feeling like you’re inside a freezer.


The Heating Isn’t On


While your husband might want to halve the gas bill not having the heating on doesn’t just mean you’re all shivering over dinner. It also puts your house at risk of mold, damp and mildew because all kinds of bacteria grow in a cold, slightly moist environment. Why run the risk of having to pay a fortune on getting mold removed when you could just turn up the heating? You don’t have to have it at 35 degrees continuously unless you want to feel like you’re in the tropics, just turn the dial up a notch or if you’ve got Daikin electric heat pumps open the vent nozzle just a little wider so the warm air can flow through.


Windows And Doors Are Open


Do you find that you’re forever running around closing doors and windows to prevent a draft, or to stop all your lovely warm air escaping? Kids seem to love opening windows, inhaling fresh air and then leaving them wide open and going downstairs. Prevent your house getting colder and colder by doing a window check throughout the day, or better still use your window key to lock those being persistently opened. Don’t forget your doors either as so many of us just leave them wide open allowing cold air to blow through. A closed door not only creates a seal but keeps warm air trapped inside the room.


Jumpers Aren’t Being Worn


Of course, people are complaining about being cold if they’re wandering around the house in just jeans and a T-shirt during winter instead of being wrapped up warm. Teens especially have a habit of wearing next to nothing, then wonder why they’re sneezing, so encourage them to put another layer on instead of blasting an expensive heater. Make sure there are also plenty of throws, and blankets dotted around the house for you all to wrap yourselves in, get everyone wearing warm wooly socks and check young children are dressed appropriately for the season.



You’ve Got Bare Floorboards


There’s nothing worse than climbing out of bed onto bare floorboards right? Protect your toes from the cold and put down a fluffy rug, or have carpet laid that’ll not only act as excellent insulation but will also stop you from hopping about looking for your slippers each morning! Rugs also help to brighten up a room and can add both texture, and color to a sometimes bland living space like a bedroom. Make your house heavenly with scented candles and soft fabrics. Go ahead and buy heavy, velvet drapes to hang in each room that’ll keep the chill out of your new cozy cocoon.


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