Going Off-Grid: The Best Alternative Energy Sources


It can be a nightmare when the power fails. Your home is suddenly plunged into darkness and the family all run around the house in confusion. The real challenge then begins as you try to keep the kids entertained with no electricity thinking: what did people used to do before it was invented?!


If you live in an area where this is happening often or a particularly isolated neighborhood, you may want to think about investing in an alternative power source. Rather than installing a backup system, people are now looking at different types of energy sources that are available. The only question is which one you should go for. Some of these sources require a high initial investment, but some people find that after time, they can generate all their power through these alternative sources. Living off-grid with no utility bills may seem like a pipe dream, but people have found that it is more than possible.


There are also a number of different alternative power sources available so let’s look at a few.





One of the greenest choices you can go for, solar power should be considered as a viable option, particularly if you live in an area that receives many hours of sunshine every day. Solar panels are the most commonly used method of harnessing this particular energy source, and the energy can be stored if you have an off-grid system to be used whenever you choose.




Just like car engines, diesel generators are more fuel efficient than petrol ones. As fuel and air enter the generator separately, compression is used to light the fuel which means that they run more efficiently without any wastage. If you are looking for diesel generators in Perth, a range of different options are available. Generators are likely to be a cheaper way of powering your home than some of the other options on this list.




You have probably seen many huge wind turbines dotted around all over the place, but you can also get residential sized ones for your home. Contact the local weather service to find out average wind speeds in your area and you can work out the average amount of electricity that will be produced. You then need to investigate the different sizes of turbine that are available. If you live in an area that has a pretty constant breeze, this may be the best option for you.


Microhydro Energy


Probably the least known of all alternative energy sources, microhydro energy generates its power through a constant source of running water. Flowing from a higher to a lower level, it turns a turbine at the bottom of the system. This can turn out to be very cost effective as it can run 24 hours a day if you have a good source, which is totally different to wind and solar energy sources. Having said that, you need to live nearby to a water source that will be flowing all the time.  

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